Someone Special<3

Faith is a normal 19 year old who goes to school. When she is walking home she bumpes into a HOT popstar named Liam Payne, It was love at first sight. Its been 4 years together and their anniversary is coming up. What suprises with Faith get from her boyfriend? Read to find out!!!!!


1. The Beginning

I woke up from the sound of One Direction playing on my alarm clock. I get up from bed and get dressed into some skinny jeans, comfortable sweatshirt, and some uggs. I go to the bathroom and apply some foundation and mascarra on then put my hair into a messy bun. It was 7:23 . I went downstairs and found my mum cooking some waffels and bacon. " Good morning hunny!" my mum said. "Good morning mum." I went and sat down at the table where breakfast was. " I made blueberry waffels cause I know there your favorite!" "Thx mum!" I finished eating my breakfast and went upstairs and brushed my teeth my my 1D toothbrush. Then it was 7:45 and school started at 8. I get into my Jeep and headed for school. When I got to school i saw my BFFS Samantha and Emma. "Wat up chica!" Sammie said. "Nm u?" "Nm." The bell rang and then we headed for class. What a way to start my first year of College.

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