Someone Special<3

Faith is a normal 19 year old who goes to school. When she is walking home she bumpes into a HOT popstar named Liam Payne, It was love at first sight. Its been 4 years together and their anniversary is coming up. What suprises with Faith get from her boyfriend? Read to find out!!!!!


2. Liam!!:)

The bell rang. Yes! School was over! I head over to my Jeep and I guess i parked in a NO parking zone. I see my Jeep being towed away. " No!" Oh well. Ill go get it later:( So i was stuck walking home. My house is about 3 Miles away. Im looking at my phone when i got a new txt from Emma. " Hey babe wat cha doin?" i repied, " walking home cause my jeep got towed:(" " im sry need a lift?" " no im fine;)" Next thing i know i ran into someone dropping my phone. " ohh im sooooooo sry!" I say. " its alright let me help you". I know that voice from anywhere. Its LIAM PAYNE! " you-rrrr L-iii-a-mm Pa-yy-nne!" " yes i am and now that we got that clear wats ur name?" " My name is Faith, Faith Akers." "why nice to meet u Faith." "umm............well thx for picking up my phone..... well i should be going now." "WAIT!" "yes?" i said in a curious voice. " wats ur #?"" ummm 508-674-2954" "thx!" " Dont mention it." OMG!! Liam Payne asked for my #! wonder wat hes gonna do!    



Sry for the short chapter! was in a rush! well TTYL! luv ya! peace out!


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