Someone Special<3

Faith is a normal 19 year old who goes to school. When she is walking home she bumpes into a HOT popstar named Liam Payne, It was love at first sight. Its been 4 years together and their anniversary is coming up. What suprises with Faith get from her boyfriend? Read to find out!!!!!


3. Day Out!

Faith P.O.V.


I got home and found my dad in the kitchen. " How was your first day of college sweetie?" " It was good." " Good to know sweetie. Ill be down here if u need me." " kk luv u dad." " luv u!" I quickly ran upstairs and and checked my phone for new messages from Liam. " hey luv! wondering if u wan to hang out later." i started screaming and i replyed, " sure. pick me up in 30 min." I ran to my closet to find something nice to wear. I put on a strapless summer dress with my sandals and silver hoops. I went to check my phone and got a txt from Liam that said, " kk ill b on my way!" I quickly ran to the bathroom and put on some mascarra and eyeliner. I grabed my purse and put all the stuff i needed for this. By the time i was done, i got a txt from Liam that said, "Here!!" i walked downstairs and told my dad i was going out. ' Who are u going out with?" my dad is sooooooo protective!! " a guy i met today after sch" ool" "ok. be safe. use protection!" "DAD!!" " Bye sweetie!" I ran out the door to see Liam. " Hey luv!" " Heyyyyy! Wherer are we going?" " youll find out!" i hoped into the car and we left the house. He turned on the radio and WMYB came on. " Dont need make-up, to cover up!" Both Liam and I started to sing and laugh. 10 min later we arrived to a bar called shortstop. We went inside and i ordered the sex on the beach drink and Liam ordered a martini. " Soo wat you want to talk about luv?" " IDK but lets talk about 1D." i said like it didnt matter. " Ok. umm well the tours are fun and the fans are great and super energetic! Hey! How bout u go meet the boys!" i was shocked. i started to stutter,   ' uhhhhhhhh........... sure!" " how bout tommorrow?" " OK!"  the rest of the nite was long and i went home at 8. Wat a Day!

Liams P.O.V.

I walked in to see the boys and Paul playing Life. "hey liam! how was the date?" niall said. " it was amazing! i learned a lot about her. ohh and shes coming over tomorrow to met u guys so u better be on ur best behavior. " we promise papa bear!" all the guys said. " not funny. well g2g to bedd nite!" "Nite!" everyone said.





Hey guys sry if u didnt like the chapter. Im really busy tomorrow so i might or might not update tomorrow. Sry! luv ya! Peace out!:)


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