Chesha and Poe

Chesha is a 19 year old young man who is falling for his best friend Poe. They have been friends since middle school, and chesha has felt this way for well that long. Chesha soon looses his chance to be with Poe.


1. just be friends..

Chesha was sitting in the back of the class room some what trying to pay attention to the lesson; though his eyes kept drifting off to the back of Poe's head working in the text book. Chesha sighed slightly and went back to work. Poe was doodling on his paper next to the notes he was taking. Poe's neon pink hair bounced slightly everytime he moved his head fron side to side contently; Poe looked back at cheshire and waved cutely. Cheshire smiled and waved back sighing slightly ''He's...the one that was crying this moring cause of Alexis?'' Cheshire heard the popular girls talking about how Poe got made fun of in the morning. That pissed Cheshire off just slightly and he gritted his teeth. Poe sighed a bit as he heard the girls talk about himself ''Why...can't..people just drop it..'' Poe whispered to the girl next to him. The girl next tp him shrugged slightly and smiled. Poe took in a deep breath and sighed heavily running his fingers through his slightly shaggy neon pink hair. Chesha felt sympothy for his best friend Poe. The bell rung and everyone headed to there next class which was well Poe's writing courses. Poe sat in the back of the class silently, Chesha sat next to him and smiled. Poe smiled slightly ''so..what's up chesha..?'' Poe looked at chesha silently. Chesha shrugged slightly ''well...nothing really saw you were crying this morning what happened?'' ''Oh...people were just making fun of my drawings thats all...'' Poe has his head down; he felt ashamed that he cried over such a stupid thing, in the back his mind Poe knew everybody be The rest of the day went on normal until Poe got home he had gotten a text message from his friend who asked if he coule give his number Alexis, the girl that actcidentally got people making fun of Poe's drawings. Poe texted Alexis happily; and he found that they had a lot in common. They both started to like eachother so...days later they became boyfriend and girlfriend.
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