Juliet is unhappy with her life. Her abusive father, Jeff, took her out of school and wont let her leave the house. When she runs away and meets Harry Styles all she wants is for him to leave her alone, but Harry won't give up so fast. Will Juliet accept that Harry cares for her? Or will she fall back in love with an old crush?


6. What?

(Harry's POV)

What? What just happened? Juliet freaked out when i made a joke and ran out of Dennys. I ran after her calling her name, i could tell she needed help, and then she sat on the floor and pulled her knees to her chest. She squeezed her eyes shut and rolled over. I dont think she even saw the cameras flashing and crowds outside the diner. As i ran up she rolled and hit her head on the concrete, then went limp. I was pretty much freaking out thinking she had died or something so i pushed through the crowd while carrying her. People were grabbing at me, which i had never really minded, but now i could feel my face getting red with anger. I was trying to carry a girl who had passed out, and they were still shoving microphones in my face and pulling at my white t-shirt. The flashing of the camera were blinding as i still tried to get to my car.

"Mr. Styles, who is this girl?"

"Is she your girlfriend?"

"How long have you been together?"

So many things were being shouted in my face. I actually had to shove a few people out of my way. I finally was able to open the passenger seat and put Juliet on the seat, buckle the seatbelt, and climb in the car myself. I drove as fast as i could to a gas station.

"Hey Louis, I've got a girl here, dont ask, so who's house are you guys at?"

He responded and I quickly pulled out of the gas station and drove to Niall's apartment. After that basically we put her on a bed and i told them the story.

"...aaand then i got here!" i Finished off my story with an extended a. 

"Do you like her? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?" Louis asked with exitment.

"I dont know man... i think shes been through some pretty hard things because-"

"umbnbjsskhkxawd" Juliet was squirming around and flailing her limbs.

"Ithink she's having a nightmare" Niall said

"Good job sherlock, now help me wake her up!" I started shaking her and suddenly her eyes shot open, she flew out of bed and well... yeah. now i dont know where she is.

*Fifteen minutes later*

"Niall! we cant just leave her to die!" I screamed in nialls face.

"Dude, calm down, we will go out and look for her, okay?" liam said. he was right. i was overreacting. I looked at niall to see his eyes watering. 

"I-i-i just thought maybe we should wait a little bit because she might have freinds she is staying with.. or something." Niall said, voice shaky.

"Im sorry, i just... i think she's been abused. by her dad or something, because in dennys she sounded like she hadnt seen the outside world since we were on the xfactor." I said as i hugged niall. 

"So we'll wait a few days then go and look for her. we'll find her mate, dont worry." Louis said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

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