Juliet is unhappy with her life. Her abusive father, Jeff, took her out of school and wont let her leave the house. When she runs away and meets Harry Styles all she wants is for him to leave her alone, but Harry won't give up so fast. Will Juliet accept that Harry cares for her? Or will she fall back in love with an old crush?


3. The Train

As I stepped on the train I saw people. Not very many people, givin it was 12:35 am, but still people. Because of my bad history with people, I was scared that any moment one of them I would take advantage of my ankle that was wrapped, most likely broken, and hurt me. I walked all the way to the back of the train to find a seat where not many people were. When I got comfortable and it was safe to say no one was around, I closed my eyes. Running can do a lot to a girl. It's hard for myself to forget sometimes that I'm only 17. When I finally drifted off I found myself wanting to get out of my dream. Why? It was more of a flashback. Of my horrible life. The life I felt I somehow deserved.   "Juliet.... I.. I love you." My mom whispered her last words. Tears streamed down my face as I walked home from the hospital.i was only 15. I wasn't crying about my mom, I mean, I had gotten all of my crying for her out at the hospital, not to mention the past few months when she got weaker every day and the doctors kept telling me there was little hope. I was more crying about the fact that I would no longer be protected. I wouldn't have a reason to go out of the house. To get away from my dad, or as I like to call him, Jeff.before this all I was a perfectly normal, if not happier than normal kid. A loving family, a normal school, normal house, all that jazz. Than my mom fell sick, and everything fell apart. My dad drank, a lot. It seemed like he just fell apart. Then she died, and he started to abuse me more than the slap when I did something wrong. I had nightmares every single night. That he was there, hurting me, hurting my mother, hurting my friends, or I used to have friends, but now I am completely disconnected from everything, everyone. I actually had a best friend, Jack. Jack was perfect. I even had a huge crush on him from the ages of 13-16. I haven't seen him in a while.   *bump, bump* the train bounced as it stopped.  "hello, we have now arrived at the final destination, please gather all your stuff and exit the train safely. Thank you, and have a nice morning."   The overhead speaker announced. I slept through the whole ride. I picked up my backpack and walked towards the exit, climbing out and heading for the exit of the train station. Because I REFUSE to be someone who sleeps on a bench, I decided to get a hotel room. It would have to be a cheep one, but there are some here that are like $25 per night. I found a pretty cheep one, got a room, and sat on the bed. It was really squeaky. I sat for a while, just thinking. God, that squeeking was annoying. Finally it bothered my so much that I got up and wen over to my backpack. I got out a granola bar and sat again, this time on the little chair in the corner. When I was done I looked at the clock. 2:15. To late to go to bed now. Eh, might as well take a nap. I laid down on the bed and listened to the squeeking get quieter as I drifted into a deep sleep.

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