Juliet is unhappy with her life. Her abusive father, Jeff, took her out of school and wont let her leave the house. When she runs away and meets Harry Styles all she wants is for him to leave her alone, but Harry won't give up so fast. Will Juliet accept that Harry cares for her? Or will she fall back in love with an old crush?


2. The Chase

When my dad grabbed my shoulders and whispered in my ear, I was scared. I was scared he would hurt me. I was scared I would never go out again. But I was most scared that he would beat me, and this time I wouldn't wake up. I swung my elbow back and hit something. I heard a crack and an "ugh!!" now he was MAD.  I quickly swung my other foot out onto the trellis and swung myself over the edge. I landed on my feet and felt a sharp pain on my ankle. I wanted to stop but I knew I couldn't. Looking back I saw my dad coming out the front door. I ran down the street as fast as I could with my ankle that felt like it was on fire. I could hear my dad screaming and running behind me but I didn't dare look back. I knew I couldn't stop so I just kept running on the dark midnight street. After about 10 minutes I looked back and could only see a screaming figure way down the road. Slowing down I climbed someone's fence, deciding it would be safer to travel by backyard. I had a map and looked at where the train station was. "three blocks forward, five blocks left then it's on your right" I muttered to myself while I crept along the back of someone's backyard. I quickly walked those three blocks before turning left and walking four blocks. Once i got to the train station I bought a ticket for 12:30 am and sat on a bench. I had about an hour and a half. I stated to wrap my ankle. When is as done  walked the short block to Walgreens to get supplies because I knew, this time, I wouldn't be going back home. I had already spent $30 on my one-wa train ticket to the neighboring city, and I was hoping to spend about that much at Walgreens. I wanted to buy most everything at Walgreens but I decided on five things: a watch, a hoodie, two bags of pistachios, a box of granola bars, and a four-pack of plastic water bottles.the total was $46.11. But I was pretty sure I needed most of this. I looked at my new watch, half an hour before the train leaves. As I walked back to the train station, the cold air stung my eyes. Because of the abuse I was scared of every shadow and every movement. when I got to the train station I counted my remaining money. "let's see, I started with $340, then spent $30+$46.11 which equals... Uhh $76.11 so $340-$76.11=........$263.89!!" that's right. I was proud of my math skills. I went to school until the age of 9. After that I organized my stuff. Jacket, on me, watch, on wrist, the food and water, in my backpack. In my backpack I had: the stuff I just put in, map, ticket, blankets&sleeping bag, and...yeah, that was all I had. Soon it said my train was boarding. As I was stepping on, I looked back at my city, maybe for the last time.

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