Juliet is unhappy with her life. Her abusive father, Jeff, took her out of school and wont let her leave the house. When she runs away and meets Harry Styles all she wants is for him to leave her alone, but Harry won't give up so fast. Will Juliet accept that Harry cares for her? Or will she fall back in love with an old crush?


7. Jack

(Juliet's POV) 

When i woke up i smelled waffles. I slipped on the fuzzy socks in the top drawer of my dresser and walked downstairs in my pajamas. Jack was sitting at the table talking to his mum. I wasn't trying to listen in on their conversation, but i heard him say my name and i couldn't help but stop right before i turned the corner.

"But muuumm! Its my friends party! My friend, not hers! And she probably wont even like it, she doesn't know anyone there!" Jack was complaining to his mom.

"She knows Willy! And Leo! And im sure her old girlfriends will remember her. What were their names? Amanda and Lauren i believe it was." She said as she set the butter on the table.

"Mom, Amanda and Lauren weren't her friends! I was her only friend! Nobody at school liked her!" He said as he put a waffle on his plate. When i heard this i turned back around the corner so i couldn't see them anymore. i didn't want to. i wanted to run away again. Was that true what Jack said? Did nobody like me at my old school? I walked upstairs slowly to make as little noise as possible. 

"Thats not true! Go to your room! You young man certainly aren't going to that party tonight!" I heard her yell back.

"But muuuumm" 

"Don't whine, move."  I heard footsteps and ran upstairs leaping onto my bed until i heard the door to Jacks room slam. Then i got up and walked downstairs. At least Audrey liked me. Yay. I sat in the spot Jack was sitting in just a few minutes ago. 

"Good morning Juiet! And, how did you sleep last night?" She said as she handed my my plate.

"Good thank you. I think i might go to the farmers market today. My father left me some money for the time that he is gone." I said as i put syrup on my waffle.

"Okay. We are going back home for about a week tomorrow so if you want you can com-"

"Oh, no its okay thanks. Dad and I got a.. a cat a few years ago so I should probably feed her." I said with a grin. Jack came downstairs just as i was finishing off my second waffle.

"I... uh i should probably get going for the farmers market if i wan't to buy anything. Thank you for breakfast. I should be back around 11:00-11:30."

"Okay. Its kind of a long walk, do you want me to drop ya?" Audrey offered.

"No thank you." I smiled as i walked out the door. 

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