Juliet is unhappy with her life. Her abusive father, Jeff, took her out of school and wont let her leave the house. When she runs away and meets Harry Styles all she wants is for him to leave her alone, but Harry won't give up so fast. Will Juliet accept that Harry cares for her? Or will she fall back in love with an old crush?


5. Awake

The dream I had after I fell was not an uncommon one. It was where Jeff hurt me, a lot. he beat me and threw me against the wall and the whole time there were people standing around me, just watching. And in that crowd was Jack. And for the first time Harry was in there too. But they all just stood there and watched, occasionally letting out a laugh. But there was nothing i could do about it. My eyes were wide open but i couldn't move. In the very end of the dream, i get thrown in the street. and usually Jack would then climb into a big truck and right before i got run over i would wake with a tear stained pillow, sweat dripping down my face, and terrified screams coming out of my mouth. This time though, Harry got in that truck. But i woke up before he ran me over. Why? I was being shaked. Hard. I opened my eyes and saw a fuzzy image of five people standing around me.

"Juliet! JULIET!!!" Harry was yelling while shaking me rather violantly. I sat up quickly and freaked out because i had no idea where i was.

"Its okay, we're at Louis apartment. You're safe." He said calmly as m

"Why'd you bring me here!" I yelled at Harry as i jumped up. The rush of blood to my head was overwhelming and i fell slightly but two of the five boys stood me back on my feet. I quickly sprinted towards the door and ignored the pain in my ankle from two days ago as i ran out of a posh apartment building while the five boys chased me. I dont mean to be cocky but i was the best runner on the BHS track team. I ran and ran until i couldn't anymore at which point i stopped and finally looked where i was. I knew this place. It was... Crewe! Jacks family always rented summer houses here when we were younger. I would go for one week in july and we would swim in the pool. I know where... 

I walked as far as i could to his summer house. it was pretty much like any other house there but it was the best place ever when the hot july sun was burning your skin and there was a pool ready for you to jump in. Maybe i could stay there for a night or two. I finally arrived at he house. It looked smaller than when i was a kid and the paint color was changed from a baby blue to sea green. Other than that it looked exactly the same. the lawn was mowed short as usual and the brick driveway had two cars in it. I chuckled as i walked up the stairway at the thought of Jack driving. I knocked on the door and a tall thin lady opened it.

"Juliet?" She said as she saw me standing there. Ugh i must look like a mess even though i took a shower at the motel the past day had been... busy. 

"Hi Mrs. Smegol." i said back as casual as a person could in this situation. 

"Oh dear, come inside! Come inside!" She said looking worried. It had started to drizzle.

"Thank you miss. Hows it been?" I asked as she handed me a towel and a cup of tea.

"good, good. I think jacks out with some friends right now, he should be back any time now. So how have you been doing?" She asked. i had always loved Audrey Smegol. she treated me like a daughter when my mom was sick. she took me under her wing. 

"Good, my dad and I moved to Birchwood." I responded and then took a sip of my tea. The radio blared in the other room and the mini teli in the kitchen was talking about someone who was missing. 

"Oh. And hows your father doing?" She asked with concern in her voice.

"He's doing okay. I just thought i might stop by here to say hi. He went to San Francisco, in America, for a-a-a job. And i was in the area." I said. I had also gotten pretty good at lying the past few years. 

" Oh thats good. Well, Birchwood is pretty far from here and its late and supposed to rain heavily for a few days so you can stay here for a bit if you want." She offered. see, this was the kind of thing i loved about her. 

"Yeah, i would love that, thank you." I said as she put a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies in front of me.

"So, what were you doing in Crewe at this time of night?" She asked. 

"I, uhh-" My talking was cut off by the doorbell ringing multiple times.

"MOOOOOOOMM!!!!!!!!!!!!" i heard a familiar voice yell from the other side of the door. 

"Jack, we have a guest!" Audrey yelled as she went to open the door. Then in walked jack, he stopped and stared as he saw me casually sitting at his kitchen island sipping tea and munching on a cookie with a blanket around me. 

"Juliet?" Why does everyone keep saying my name like that. did they think i was dead or something.

"Hi Jack." He ran up and hugged me. i hugged him back. Then he made me tell him the same story i had just told his mom. 

"If its okay with you, for a few days Juliet can take your bed and you can sleep on the couch. There are supposed to be some storms the next few days and i dont want any of you going outside in that weather." Audrey said sounding like a mom.

Yeah, of coarse." he said giving me a small smile. We sat in silence for a while eating cookies and listening to the sound of the teli.

"So, Juliet, why dont you go take a shower and you can borrow a shirt and sweatpants from Jack." She said standing up and clapping her hands together.

"Alright." I said as i hopped down from my chair. Jack went and got me some clothes and a towel, and i got in the shower. The steaming hot water felt good on my chilly skin. I stayed in the shower for as long as i could because i didn't feel like leaving the warm water and privacy. After i got out i toweled down and changed into the baggy t-shirt and college sweatpants Jack got for me. I walked out of the bathroom and sat on my bed. I remembered me and jack used to share a bed. Audrey would just have one of us on the head and one at the foot. I sat there for a while just remembering things. 

"Knock knock" I looked up and Jack was standing in the doorway.

"Come on in." I said, biting my lip as he sat next to me on the bed.

"My mom wants to make sure you have everything you need." He said. He glanced at me and i said i was fine, just tired so he left and a few minutes later i heard the radio and teli switch off downstairs. Audrey was probably trying to make it easier for me to sleep. I turned off the small light by my bed and slipped under the covers, pulling them up to the bottom of my nose. I fell asleep to the scent of the house i loved so much. For the first time in a long while, i didnt have a nightmare.

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