Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


18. We are Family

Emmas POV December 

I woke up the next morning next to Liam. He was a good sleeper. Not a drooler,snorer, or sleepwalker. But he was a light sleeper. "Hey babe," he said softly and he made me jump. "Good god Liam!! You scared me," I laughed.  "Haha sorry babe," he said getting out of bed. I covered my face with a pillow laughing. "Put on some clothes," I said laughing. "Don't worry Emma. I have underwear on," he said laughing while putting his pjs on. I smiled. I went into the restroom,brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, and put on my contacts. My vision was really bad. I poked  myself in the eye. "Ow!" I said rubbing my eye. I put on my  contacts. We were packing for New York. Our flight was at 6:00 tomorrow morning so we would have to start packing right away. "So will we have to buy presents in New York for Louis Birthday and Christmas?" I asked wondering. "I guess," Liam said as there was a knock at the door. I went under the bed so I could listen. It was Niall. "Hey Liam can I talk to you and Emma?" Niall asked. "Right here," I said and got up from the bed. "Why were you under there?" Niall asked and Liam said," She lost her sock." I nodded. 

"So I have been dating Lily for almost a year. And I really love her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. So I want to propose to her in New York. And you guys are family now. But I need your help," Niall said and I started jumping up and down. "Niall I am soooo happy for you!" I exclaimed. I hugged him really tight. "Congrats Niall," Liam said. "How can we help?" I asked. "I have a big plan..." Niall continued.

Lilys POV

We were in our private jet about to take off. I was sitting next to Niall.  I looked out the window. I sighed. I was gonna miss Australia. But I am glad I get to spend Christmas time with my new family. "Are you sure you don't wanna spend Christmas with your families?" I asked each member of the band. They each replied by," We are all family." Even the girls said the same thing.  I didn't have a family. Besides the boys. My mom and dad passed. I never had any brothers or sisters. I don't know if I have aunts or uncles. It is just me. I felt my eyes close lightly.  "Are you excited?" Niall asked. "Mmhm," i said waking up. I noticed we were up in the air. "The seatbelt sign is now turned off. You may roam around now." the pilot said."I will be back. I am going to use the Lou," Niall said. Lou? Louis? Oh that meant restroom. OHHHH. When he left I got up and sat next to Angelina. "How is your account on instagram?" I asked. "It is okay. I lost a lot of followers. I don't know why." she said. I was shocked. She was like Adele. Her voice was gorgeous. I read the comments on one of her pictures with Harry. "Back off hes mine" or "you don't deserve him. "Cheer up. Fans are gonna be fans," I said. I went back to my seat. I looked out the window. It was snowing. I had never really seen snow before. I have seen it on the ground but never falling from the sky.  I sat there looking out. It was so beautiful. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. "Lily," Niall said shaking me. "Uh yea," I said taking my eyes off the window. "We are here," Niall said. "W-what?" We landed. Everyone was leaving the plane. I got up and grabbed my bag. Fans were around our gate with signs saying,"Welcome to NY" or "We love you". We got into the limo and I saw the snow fall. "So lets take a picture," Nicole said. We all took a picture. "Say New York," Nicole said. "New York," we chimed. I posted the picture on my instagram. On the picture I commented,"My Family."

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