Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


26. Too Bad

Emma's POV

Liam had spilled the beans.

With each word he said I began to grow angry at Harry.

Niall was his close friend and to do something like that? After Liam had finished, I turned and stormed out. I had had it. Harry was in the kitchen talking to Louis about FIFA when I grabbed him by the arm, pulling him into my room.

"Hey wh- what are you doi- ow hey that hurts!" Harry complained. I pushed him in and locked the door. "What the hell Harry?" I practically screamed.

"Me? I didn't even do anything!" Harry shouted back. "Are you fucking serious! Harry, you fucking kissed Lily..." I said n a hushed whisper.

Harry's face turned bright pink and he sat on the bed, his fingers combing his curls. "Emma I, I know its bad but I me-" He started.

"Harry, stop, no! Don't give me excuses. What ever happened before the hotel thing when Niall met Lily, it doesn't matter. My brother is in love with her. If you are in love with her too, it will make things more complicated I promise you that! You had Angelina and look how that turned out."

"So what I kissed her? It's not a big deal Em! You are 18 now, this isn't High school anymore. You can't just be trying to help people with their problems. I am a adult I will figure it out okay?"

"No Harry it is not okay! You can't just kiss your best friends girlfriend. That is so wrong."

"What do you want me to do, just stop liking her?"

Yes, Harry! Exactly!"

"Well don't ive me that shit Emma. I love her. I have a chance with her unlike you, you are 18 years old, you haven't lost your virginity and no one wants to date a murderer."

I stared at him, tears in my eyes, warning to spill out. 

"I protected Niall and Lily, what the hell were you doing! Where were you, the knight in shining armor?"

He didn't say anything and we stood there a while. 

Finally he spoke. 

"I love Lily, I love her. No matter what. Besides I can't just stop liking her. She's on my mind all the time. Not you or anyone is gonna stop me. Not even the gods above can separate the two of us!I will protect her I swear!"

"You aren't going to do shit Harry!" I shouted and left. 



Authors note

Okay please read.

I have a few, or a lot, of adjustments and i want to clear things up. 

All the boys are the age they are now. 

All the boys are single except Niall.

Emma is 18, I know it said 15 earlier but shes 18. 

Again Emma and Niall are related. Brothers and sisters.

When Lily was a child, her and harry met and her dad punched him when harry tried saving lily. 

Okay, so throughout all the chapters I am going to go through, fix spelling errors, and make things a bit more clear. This chapter was short I know but I am gonna update today so just wait. 


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