Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


19. The Penthouse

Lilys POV

We were in the limo driving to our hotel, Four Seasons. It was a hotel for rock stars, celeberties, and well people like us. I was now considered famous because I was friends with famous people and dating Niall. The sad thing was Nicole and Angelina got a call from there managers telling them to go back to Hollywood to finish up work. "Hey don't worry. We will be back in March." Nicole said. She said it like it was gonna be a few days. But it was gonna be four months.  We helped them take their bags to the cab and waved goodbye. We went back to the penthouse in silence. "Do you guys wanna do something? I mean, we could shop for presents." Liam asked. "Might as well. Lets just go," Zayn said. He looked so unhappy. On the other side of the room. Harry looked the opposite. He was smiling and laughing with Louis. Why was he so happy when  Angelina left?  I ordered the cab and we all went downstairs to the lobby. I got to see some of my favorite actors and actresses. When we got at the mall, we all had a list of gifts to buy for. "Wait," Emma said before we split up. "Can we do Secret Santa instead?" "Yea it would be more fun. plus that means we are only buying one gift for someone and not for 6 people," Louis said.  So we ripped out the names, put it in Zayns hat and we took turns. One person would have to buy 2 presents and Harry decided he would be that guy. So Liam went first, then Emma, Harry picked 2, Me, Zayn, Niall,  and Louis. I had Nialls which was who I really wanted.  

*Author's Note Secret Santa*

Harry: Louis and Liam  Louis: Harry  Zayn: Niall   Liam: Emma Niall:  Lily Emma:Louis  Lily: Niall

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