Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


9. Stranger

Angelina's POV

We were about to start playing 7 minutes in heaven when we heard screaming from the pool. We ran down the stairs and ran to the pool. Niall was crying and Lily was beside him. "What happened?" Nicole asked. "Emma....she is...she left." Lily said. I was shocked. I didnt know what to say. I had a crazy thought. Yes...it seemed liked a OKAY plan....I had ran to the parking lot and I had went to Harry's motorcycle and was about to drive off when Nicole came running towards me with the others far behind. "Ride in Zayn's car, It will be faster and can hold more people," Nicole said with the keys in her hand. "Fine we have to hurry though, she can be anywhere," I said. I went into the car and Nicole said,"SHOTGUN!" We drove off and left everyone in the parking lot. "Where could she be?" Nicole asked. "I think I know where she is," I had said trying to be calm. But Nicole knew I was concerned. Where could a 17 year old girl be in Miami?

Emma's POV

 I didnt know how far I was until I looked back. I couldn't see the hotel. I could see the pier lights.Barley. Why did I run? Why was I scared? I love Lily and Niall. Why did I cry? I can not believe I forgot.  Oh I was jealous. Yea. It is pretty hard to be in a room filled with people that have girlfriends or boyfriends. Louis and Liam are not dating anyone but they are pretty old for me. I want to date someone my age. Or near it. I decided to go to a old friends house. Not Angelina or Nicole but someone I knew longer. Alexis Ho. We go back FAR. Like before we were born. Our moms were pregnant at the same time and she is older then me by a day. Our moms were best friends. They compared bellies and talked about being preggers. But then I moved to Ca and we lost touch. Then one day I get a call from her telling me to fly over to Miami to hang out. Honestly that is the only reason I went to Miami. Not for Lily or Niall. Niall left me with nothing. No money. No house. Nothing. It's not fair to be in someones shadow. He gets anything he wants. Like Lily. That is his 4th girlfriend this year It was Jessica, Ashley, Zoey, and now Lily. He always pulls that nasty trick bringing girls into the pool. That's it!! That is why I was crying. I liked Lily. And I am not letting my brother screw this up. I turned a street corner and I accidently bumped into someone. "Ah sorry I was just..." I said. "No it is alright. I have been looking around for my daughter," the man had told me. "Oh well I am Emma." I had said. I knew he was a stranger but hey I'm feeling rebelious. "I am looking for someone and have you seen her?" the man asked avoiding answering his name. "Whats her name maybe I know her," I said. "Lily. Lily Lao." he said. "Do you know her?" he asked. Lily always talked about missing someone in her family. It was her dad! I had to let this man know about his missing daughter. Family sticks together. Besides what is the worst that could happen? "Yep I actually do. She is in room Suite 104 in Miami Beach Hotel." "Thank you oh and my name is Bill. Bill lao.

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