Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


20. Shopping for Secret Santa

Nialls POV

I knew what I was gonna give Lily. I was going to give her a ring. Not just any other jewlery, but a engagment ring. I asked Emma and Liam because 1. Emma was a girl so she knew what girls liked

and 2. Liam is my best friend and he would help a lot.  We went to a Macys and looked at different rings. "Hello what can I do for you?" asked the lady working in the ring section. "Um I need a engament ring for my girlfriend," I said looking at the pretty rings. "Well we have....."continued the woman. A sparkle caught me off guard. I looked in the case of rings. I saw a white- goldish ring that would look lovely on Lily. "May I see that one?" I pointed and she took it out for us to see. "It is a Prestige Unity Diamond Ring, 14k white gold diamond engament ring," said the lady whos name tag said Stacy. "It's beautiful Niall," Emma said to me. "Whats the price?" Liam asked uneasily.  "Well the original price was $8,600.00 but its on sale for $4,815.20," Stacy said. It was pricey but I loved Lily so so much and I know she would look beautiful in that ring. "So will you get this one?" Liam asked. "Yea- yea this is the one," I said. We payed for it and we walked out of the store. I will meet you guys at the food court in a hour after you guys are finished shopping," I said. 


Authors note

Hey guys I am sorry I havent been posting a lot. I am busy with family and friends plus I have been writing other books on another website. Sorry 

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