Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


15. Sharks Love Australia

Lilys POV

We got out of the airport really fast since there was a mob of fans chasing us. It was like we were seals and the fans were sharks trying to rip us with screaming and autographs.Our body guards did their best but we lost them when we passes the baggage claim. The fans werent just for us. They didnt call it Celeberty Airport  nothing. You can see literally 10 celebs in 5 minutes.  Plus everyone in our group was famous besides Niall and the boys. Angelina was a singer and Nicole and Emma were actresses. Usually the airport didnt let fans come in but today.. "Crap I lost my shoe when they were chasing us," Louis said in the limo driving to the beach house.  Australia is pretty nuts. But fans will always be fans no matter where you are in the world.  We picked out the rooms. Niall and I got a room together and did not really pay attention at the rest of the rooms picked out because I was looking at the backyard. Or the back beach. The water was crystal blue and it was so clear. You could see if a shark was coming. Why would I put that in my head?"So how about we go swimming at the beach today?" Zayn asked. "Sounds good. Everyone get changed and bring beach towels and umbrellas. We should see if they have any surf boards in the garage." Harry said and we all went into their rooms to get changed. Niall and I went into the room and I grabbed my swimsuit and changed in the restroom. I let out a squeal. The shower curtains was a picture of a shark with its mouth open. I hurried and tried to ignore the shark curtains. I stripped down and put on the bikini. It was a  strapless, turquoise swimsuit that I bought at the airport before we were chased down. I looked into the mirror. I don't wanna brag but I looked pretty good in it. I think the shark would agree too if it could talk. I walked out of the restroom and Niall was sitting on the bed. "That sure is a good looking bathing suit babe," he said getting up and kissing me on the cheek. "You don't look bad yourself sharkie. You ready?" I asked. He nodded and we went to the back yard/beach. The towels and umbrellas were already set so we picked one and layed our stuff down. I saw the girls in the water and told Niall I was gonna hang out with them. "Okay be careful ," he said and he joined the boys on the sand. I almost did't pay attention when I ran passed a sign. Warning Shark Sightings Dont Swim After Dark. I gulped. 

It was only 2:30 but sharks could still come out. I remember Emma saying that the USA and Australia are the most shark infested countries in the world and  since 2000 a total of 510 shark attacks kills 144 people in Australia.She even said sharks love Australia because of the water. In a second the clear water could turn dark red.  But a shark can only get you if there is blood around. Right?  I could see it now. "Lily come in the water so we can eat- I mean swim with you," they would say with their shark teeth showing. Out of all places why Australia? Sharks love Australia.

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