Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


24. Secrets and Toys

Liams POV

"Hey go check on Lily Liam. Harry might do something crazy," Niall said walking to the bathroom. "Okay I'm going," I said getting up from my spot on the couch. The boys were watching Toy Story, one of my favorite movies. I quietly opened the door and saw Harry sitting with Lily staring at her. I was about to talk to him when he leaned over Lily to kiss her. My mouth was wide open. What was I supposed to do? I was freaking out. I silently turned around but he heard my footsteps. "Liam? What are you doing here?" Harry asked shocked. His cheeks were getting red. "Niall sa-said to check up on yo-you and um Lily," I stuttered.  It was silent. He knew I saw him and we didnt say a word. "Liam," Harry began to say," you can't tell Niall or anyone. Niall would be so mad at me. " I knew it would be wrong to keep this a secret but Harry is like a brother to me. "Fine. But if someone catches you and this secret, I can't promise to back you up," I said.  He nodded and left the room. I closed the door behind me and went to the balcony. Emma came a few minutes later with hot coco in her hands. "Here. Niall finished the coco. Take it," she said. I took the cup with my hands leaning against the balcony. "Emma. Remember when you babysat those 3 kids?" I asked. "Uh yea the ones who fought over that toy." she aid. "Yea well lets say  for a example those kids were Niall,Harry, and I. Niall had a toy that he loved and had for a while but Harry wanted to secretly take the toy to play with it when Niall was doing something else." I began to say. "Okay go on," Emma said. " Well when Harry was playing with it, I saw him with the toy," I said. "Isn't that Nialls toy though?" Emma asked. I nodded. "Yea so I saw Harry playing with Nialls toy but he said not to tell anyone. Do I tell Niall or do I don't?" I asked waiting for a answer. "Well you should tell a grown up. Thats what I would do. So that way She can make the decision."Emma said putting her hands in her pockets. So I had to tell a grown up. But I am considered a grown up. If I tell Emma she can tell Niall so Harry and him can deal with it leaving me out? That sounds about right. "Emma, can you keep a secret?"

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