Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


13. Roomates

Lilys POV

. "Babe are you okay?" I asked her.I opened my eyes suprising him a little. "Yea I'm fine. Where is everybody?" I asked. "They are at the beach house," he said. I nodded and felt soar on my shoulder. Oh right I forgot. I got shot. I kinda laughed. Thinking Emma shot a gun. She looked so innocent. Who knew she could actually kill someone.A doctor came in and spoke to Niall handing him a bottle of pills. When the doctor left Niall said," Okay we can go home now unless you wanna stay." I got up and realized I was wearing new clothes. A white V neck with a colorful scarf and shorts. Well I couldnt wear bloody torn clothes anyway. Plus the style was cute. We left the hospital and got into the car. Niall just stared at me.  "What?" I asked. "You are beautiful," he said. I blushed. "You are not to bad yourself," I said smiling. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. It was a quick kiss since we had to get back to the house. When we got home everyone shouted welcome back. There was a big poster saying we missed you and balloons were everywhere. "Thanks guys so much but I better go to sleep with Niall," I said yawning. "Good because we have new room partners," Nicole said. So I got a room with Niall, Angelina had one with Harry, Nicole had one with Zayn, Emma had one with Liam. Which was weird since they weren't even dating. Then Louis wanted his own room so we let him take that one. Everyone went into their own  room and went to sleep. Niall and I went into the room and changed into our PJs. We snuggled and  looked into each others eyes.  His eyes are so beautiful.His beautiful blue crystal eyes with a bit of gold aswell. "You know I love girls with brown eyes," he said as he kissed me on the lips. "I love you Niall James Horan," I said to him. "I love you too Lily Lao," he said. I kissed him again. His lips were soft and tasted sweet. Or maybe that was my lip gloss.   "All I want is to be with you forever,"I said. "Promise me you will always love me," he said. "I promise," I said and kissed him.

Sorry for the short chapter.

I will try to go to 40 chapters.

Long way to go.

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