Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


7. Meeting Old Friends

Harrys POV

I was gonna miss California. I loved seeing my fans and the area. I guess im a California lover. Lily had a nightmare. She has been having a lot lately. But i guess Niall calms her down. We were going to Florida for our next concert. I have never been to Miami before. It will be me and Lilys first time. I am gonna meet up my girlfriend, Angelina at the airport with Zayns Girlfriend, Nicole. Angelina was beautiful. She had a sweet voice and the fans love her too. She was my dream girl. I hope Nicole and Angelina make Lily feel welcome. You never know. Girls can be crazy. Nicole is pretty with her black curly hair.  She is a total Justin Timberlake fan. He is okay. We were on the private jet when I was on my phone. It was okay for us to use electronics now so I got up and started taking pictures of everyone. I got a shot of Louis sleeping on Zayns shoulder and Liam and Niall were playing on the computers together. I sat next to Lily and she was reading a magizine. "Whatcha readin there Lily Billy?" I asked her."Nothing it is just a article about yall. You wanna read it with me?" she said. I nodded my head and sat next to her. we were pretty close to each other and it felt kinda nice hanging out with Lily. She was smiling  and reading about Liams fear of spoons outloud to me. But I wasnt paying attention. I was looking at her eyes. Hazel. Her dark brown hair smelled like Zayns shampoo. Haha. No one uses Zayns shampoo because it is to fruity.  "Harry are you listening?" Lily asked. "Uh yea I have to go wake Louis up before Niall draws on his face again." i said and got up quickly. "Are you sure because I want you to stay and hang out with me." Lily said with her pleading eyes. "Alright." I finally said. She smiled and started reading about me and Taylors break up. From the corner of my eye i could tell Niall was looking at me with his blue eyes.

Lilys POV

 We got off the plane and went to get our bags and we went outside to see two girls about my age. Wait.No.It cant be. Nicole?Angelina? OMG it is them. "NICOLE ANGELINA!!!"I screamed. "LILY!!!" they screamed back. I hugged them so tight. I had tears streaming down my face and they were crying to. I havent seen them since....since...I cant even remember.Oh yea middle school. I am 18, Nicole 18,and Angelina 18. We were all 18 but Angelina was older then me and Nicole. Then I noticed another girl. She had glasses and dark brown hair. She had hazel eyes like me but she was a little younger than me. Niall greated her and gave her a hug and a kiss. Omg does Niall have a girlfriend.?I was about to ask but Niall beat me. "Lily this is my sister,Emma." Niall said. "Hey it is so nice to meet you Lily." Emma said. "Nice to meet you to Emma.Im sorry but you look really familiar." I said with a uneasy feeling. Oh I was friends with Angelina and Nicole. I used to tutor them. Even though Im only 15 I have a really high IQ. I used to tutor you to remember?" "Oh yea," I answered,"We used to go swimming and we had middle school together. Didnt you skip a lot of grades though?" But i was cut off because our limo was here to drop us off at the hotel. When we got there there was one suite. 2 Bedrooms and a living room,kitchen,balcony, and bathroom. I wanted to stay away from the balcony. "Okay so the boys and I will get this room and you gals can take the other one." Harry  said . "No we want the bigger one Harry." said Angelina. "Okay here is a deal. We will just put our stuff down in the living room and at night we will go to the pool. Whoever can stay in the longest will get the master room." Harry said. "Okay but yall have to jump in....NAKED!!!" screamed Nicole. "Oh it is so on because I would love seeing you shiver like a polar bear." Louis said. "Polar bears dont shiver smart one. They are made to with stand the cold ." Emma explained. "Aww or maybe Emma and her friends just wanna chicken out and sleep on the couch !!!" Niall said. "Oh shut up Niall you would eat the couch." Nicole said. We all laughed and watched Tv until it was about time to go down to the pool. We all wore bathing suits but like what Nicole said, we had to do it naked. Thanks Nicole...

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