Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


10. It begins

Emma's POV

I knocked on the door to Alexis house. The door opened and it was Alexis. "Hey girlfriend. Didnt know you would show up." She said. "Well I just need to talk about something," I said to her as i went upstairs to her room. I told her about Lily and Niall in the pool. Then about that nasty thing Niall does to girls. (Not that) "Wow. So he just likes Lily because..." Alexis said. "Because it is a game! He messes with girls, treats them well, they think he loves her then...BAM!!! Dumps her!" I shouted. Was player the right term for Niall? I know he is my brother. But what he was doing was wrong. "Wait what if he actually loves her? Then what? You cant do anything after that," Alexis said.  "Oh right he actually loves her. Haha very funny Alexis. And I love Liam." I had said sarcastically. Oh god. I almost spilled the beans to her. She did not catch on so we just talked and talked until there was a knock on the door. We went downstairs and it was Liam and Louis. "There you are. You scared the crap out of us love," Louis said. "Why would you run Emma? Do you know what could have happened to you?" Liam questioned. "I know I am so sorry. I will explain in the car," I had said a bit guilty. "Bye Alexis. Keep in touch okay?" I said. She nodded and waved bye as we drove off. It was silent in the car until Liam said," So why did you leave Emma?"  " Well Niall does this thing..." I was about to say when Louis phone cut me off. 

Louis: Hello this is Louis

Nicole: Hey Louis its me Nicole you find her yet?

Louis:Yea we got her tell everyone to go back to the hotel k? 

Nicole: K k Louis see ya at home bye

Louis hanged up. We drove home listening to Clarity on the radio. Yep. I was probably dead meat.

Angelinas POV

Nicole hung up the phone. "Okay we have to go back to the hotel. They found her," Nicole said. I sighed. Thank god she is okay. Something could of happened to her.. "ANGELINA!!!" Nicole screamed. I looked at the road and pressed the brakes. There was a man in the road starring at us. "OMG I am so sorry sir. I wasnt paying attention." I said. "Haha no need to apoligize. I was supposed to hurry up instead of taking my time. I actually need directions. Miami Beach Hotel?" The man said. " Oh yea its strait ahead and take a right near the pier and there it is," Nicole said."Thank you," the man said and walked off into the dark. "Lets get home," I said and we went to the hotel room where Emma was sitting where everyone crowded her. "Oh great she is telling the Niall story. This should be good," Nicole whispered. "THATS A LIE. THATS A LIE EMMA AND YOU KNOW IT!!!" Niall shouted. "OKAY WHAT ABOUT ASHLEY AND JESSICA? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?" Emma questioned. "Stop shouting look Niall I have to tell you something that is a secret too," Lily said. "I actually.." she got cut off. We heard the noise. A gunshot. No. More gunshots. We all hide. We turned off the lights. We waited. I hid in the bathroom with a knife from the kitchen. The hotel door opened. "LILY! READY OR NOT HERE I COME!!" 

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