Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


23. Hot coco part 2/the truth.

Lilys POV

I felt so comfortable around Niall. I have been dating him since june but i feel like I have known him forever. Honestly, maybe I was crying for another reason. When I was at the food court I was waiting for everyone. Then out of no where these girls about Emmas age came up to me with their phones in their hands. They were wearing clothes from Forever 21, perfect hair, one of those girls who would have a tumblr account. They came closer and I could smell their perfume. It smelled familiar. Clearly they were one direction fans because they were wearing Our Moment. "Hey can I help you?" I asked them. "Ya know Niall will leave you. He just wants you for publicity. You should go back to being a punch bag back home.'' one of the girls said harshly. "What- how do you know about-?" I started saying. "Bitch do you know who we are? We are top directioners who follow them everywhere you go. Like that time in Australia when you went surfing or when that accident happened at the hotel. We were there." the other girl said. It creeped me out. I didnt know directioners would literally stalk us. I get it like twitter or instagraming but litterally stocking. "If you and Niall do any funny business, we will come after you," said the girl. They walked away laughing. I knew if I told Niall they might come and hurt me. Or hurt the boys. The coffe incident is a good cover up. I planned to keep it that way.

Nialls POV

When the movie ended, Lily was laying next to me and Harry. "Okay Lily is fast asleep. I have to use the bathroom. Can someone take her to the room?," I whispered. " I will!!!" Harry shouted. "SHHHHH" the boys said. "Sorry," Harry said. He picked up Lily and carried her down the hall. 

Harrys POV

She was so light. So beautiful. Heck I could say whatever I want because... Nevermind. I opened the door and closed it behind me.I layed Lily down on the bed and sat next to her. I tucked her hair behind her ear. Her perfect lips and eyes. I remember when I first met her. Not at the hotel but when we were younger. I went to houston. I dont remember why but i was there. I was riding my bike when I heard crying inside her house. I went through the back door seeing her father hit her repeadtly. "Stop!!!" I yelled at her father. The man looked up and hit me in the stomach causing me to fall to the ground. Lily rushed to my side looking over my stomach. "I am so sorry. I'll make it up to you one day," Lily said as her father kicked me out. I lifted up my shirt and at the scar that was on my stomach since that day when I was 12. I love Lily. I love her too much. I couldn't stop myself. I started leaning in and my lips met hers. She didnt move. I could taste her lip gloss. I leaned in and whispered, "I love you."

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