Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


1. Handcuffed

Smack!!!Lily fell hard to the ground, sobbing and turns to look at her father. "Thats the 3rd time you escaped me Lilian and I guess locking you up isn't good enough."Her dad Bill said. Slowly he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and put it on her and onto a petal pole to hold up that part of the basment. "Now you'll think twice before escaping. Now to make sure you wont leave..."He raised up the bat and was about to aim for her when suddenly the doorbell rang."Damn it.You better stay right here Lilian and went running up the stairs dropping the keys next to her. She quickly took it and unlocked herself free climbing out the basment window running and running away from her nightmare. 
Lilys Pov.
I'm free. I am free. I am away from that terrible house, with terrible memories, with a terrible father. He is no father. A dad would protect me and care for me and love me. But he did the opposite of course. I will not stop running. I will never look back. I looked around, still running, and recongnized nothing. How long have I been running? Where am I? What is that noise? I turned my head to the left and saw a hotel. It was old and run down and looked like no one was there. Abandoned. I should be looking for a police station, but I felt as though if I should make my way to the noise. LIsten to my brain or heart? It didn't matter because I found myself already, going through the window. It was old and dusty but I made my way toward the noise, that was right in front of me.
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