Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


5. Dream

Lilys POV

(Her dream) I was at the beach with my mother and father. It was really hot and my mother told me to go swim. I was scared so she went while my father stayed behind.  We were very far out and the water was to my chin thank god i was a good swimmer. The sun was blazing but the water was very refreshing.  I noticed the life guards taking turns looking through a telescope. The all looked shocked and ran away screaming. I was very scared looking at the shore that wasnt even there anymore. I looked up at the dark purple sky but I could see a big, great white shark heading towards my mother. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed. It was too late. The shark sank his teeth into my mother dragging her under water. I swam for my life trying to search for the vanished shore when the shark came from under me gripping its teeth into my thigh. "NOOOOO!!" I screamed. Then I woke up. it was just a dream. I was in a pool of sweat. Niall woke up and comforted me. I was crying all over his blue pj shirt. I was so scared. I still felt that feeling in my thigh but it was just a bug bite. The boys came in a minute later asking what was wrong. I didnt answer them. My tears were enough to tell them that I probably just had a nightmare. 

Nialls POV

Lily. I am supposed to protect her. Maybe she dreamed about me hurting her. What if she doent love me like i love her. No she has to. Liam loves Meghan, Zayn loves Nicole, Louis loves Ashley, Harry loves Angelina, but what if I end up alone. Then Lily loves someone else. Then all the boys have their gfs and I have my food. I know God was punishing me. All because i saw her in the shower. He has to forgive me. It was a accident. Please. I love Lily. She may not love me but I love her. I would risk my life for her. I would battle a great white shark for her....

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