Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


8. Cold

Angelinas POV

We were at the pool at about 10:30 and no one was there. The pool was closed. Thank god. Nicole whispered,"It is okay guys,I got this. Babe help me get over the gate." So Zayn helped her over and she unlocked the gate over us. I gave her a smile but I didnt really want to go in the cold pool, when it is 56 degrees out, naked. I could tell Lily and Emma werent up for it either but the room is beautiful and it had a flatscreen tv,a big bathroom, a balcony looking over the beach and walk in closets. I needed those closets. So when we were all standing next to the pool we just stared at each other. Then Harry broke the silence. "Okay on the count of three we jump in." He said. "I thought we were going in naked?" asked Nicole. "Nah no thanks lets just jump in." I said. So we all took turns jumping in. First Emma and Louis. I know Louis is older than Emma but they acted like they were dating. But they knew they couldnt date each other. Next it was Niall and Lily.I could hear them scream so loud. Well it was mostly Niall. Lily seemed that she liked the cold. Then it was Liam and me. The water was freezing. How could Lily swim in this water.Last was Nicole and Zayn. They grabbed onto each other screaming as the water hit them. But Harry stayed outside the pool. "Babe come in."I said. He just stayed outside.

Lilys POV

"NO I dont want to. It looks really cold!" Harry shouted playfully. He saw all of us shivering except me. I was swimming like a fishie."Come on Harry,get in or we get the crappy room," Louis said. "Fine i dont care I do not wanna get in,"Harry said. So Zayn and Niall chased Harry picked him up and threw him into the pool. He screamed shouting "Dear God Thats Cold" over and over again. Yes we got the room.!!! We celebrated in the room. We watched Glee on the tv,we used the jacuzzi in the room,we took pictures on the balcony,and unpacked the clothes in the closet. We were in the middle of a glee episode when I heard the door knock.  Everyone said LILY and I groaned and opened the door. It was Niall. "Come with me."Niall said holding his hand out. I looked at the girls. They gasped. Quinn was giving birth to Beth. Clearly they were deep in the show so I held Nialls hand and followed him. We went down stairs to the pool again climbing over and he let me to the pool. "I thought the water was too cold for you Niall?' I questioned. "Well as long as you're next to me I will be fine."he said with his smile. I blushed and we swam to the deep end together. We swam around and then we just kinda stood there looking at each other. "Lily I need to tell you something," he said. He leaned closed to me and my back was against the pool wall. "I love you." he said. He leaned in and he kissed me. I kissed him back. His lips were warm and was sweet. My arms were around his neck while his was around my waist. We had been like that for 5 minutes until we heard a noise. It was Emma. "Umm...Emma what are you doing here?"  Niall asked. "Everyone started pairing up with their boyfriends so i came down here so I wouldnt be feeling..."she said with a sad face."Emma do you wanna talk about it?" I had asked. I felt embarrased. I had just made out with her brother. She probably felt alone since everyone was dating someone.  Well Liam and Louis broke up with their girlfriends and Emma was only...17?She had no one. So I got out of the pool and went up to her but she ran away with tears in her eyes. "EMMA!!" Niall screamed.

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