Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


12. Can't Help But Smile

Nialls POV

"That is enough Niall what you are doing is wrong!"Liam said with concern. "Please I just got out of the hospital let me relax," I said. "Let him rest Liam, He got stabbed and shot for goodness sake," Angelina explained. "No he is a player! He doesn't treat her right! All you have to do is explain to Lily you are a player and you treat girls horribly!" Liam shouted at him. A nurse came in to tell us to please be quiet. We were at the hospital waiting for Lily to be well. We were in the private waiting room. It was all the boys, Angelina, Nicole, and Emma. Louis was playing uno with Zayn and Harry. Nicole and Emma were watching Cabin in the Woods on the IPad. Well I think they were. They were screaming a lot. Angelina, Liam , and I were talking about the Lily situation. Just then a nurse came in and said we could visit her but only two at a time. First Nicole and Angelina,then Harry and Louis, Zayn and Liam, and last Emma and me. When we got to the room, Lily was bandged on her shoulder . That was all we could see so far. "Thank you...for... you saved Lily," I said trying to say the words. She said nothing but a nod. "Promise me Niall you will make this relationship work between you and Lily," Emma said with a pleading voice. "Do you even love her Niall? Or is this gonna be like Ashley or Jessica?" She asked. "This is different. I love her Emma. I promise...No i swear to you I will make this work," I said.  She just nodded and held my hand.  "Well might as well tell you, I saw Lily in the shower," I said trusting her she wouldnt tell anyone. She smiled. Then she stood on her tip toes and kissed me on the cheek, and left the room.  I smiled.

Emmas POV 

I felt bad for the way I acted. I felt like he needed someone to be with. So I kissed him on the cheek and left the room knowing he was smiling. Niall came back few minutes later and we decided to go back to the hotel suite. Wait we had to move rooms so the police could investigate or something. We were staying at a beach house...on the beach of course. Thanks to Louis and his pleading eyes and smile.  All the girls in one room, Louis and Harry,Zayn and Niall, and Liam getting a room  to himself. Niall was still at the hospital spending the night with Lily.  The girls and I  just watched movies and went on our phones on Instagram. I had just posted a pic of the girls and I watching Pitch Perfect in our PJs smiling  when I heard a thud. I was scared. But the man was dead so it couldnt be him. It came from Liams room. So I got up and went to follow the noise.  I opened the door and it came from his bathroom. "Liam are you okay?" I asked uneasy. "Yea I am alright I just fell," He said and I heard pain in his voice. "Actually I kinda need help," he said again. "Okay I'm coming don't worry," I explained. I went into the restroom trying to find Liam. The room felt like a sauna and I couldnt see anything from all the steam. "Down here," he said. I made out his face and helped him up. I handed him a towel so he could put it around his waist. We got out of the room and he sat on the bed. "Are you okay?" I said looking at a bruise on his head. "Yea i just kinda sorta fell," he laughed showing his smile. I couldnt help but smile and  blush.  "Ah someone is a blusher," Liam said playfully. It was a habit. Blushing. It probably started in 6th grade. First day of school, lunch room. I shuddered. "Let me get a ice pack for you," I said playing the roll of a doctor. It is in the cooler next to the TV,"Liam said. I grabbed the ice pack and placed it on the bruise.  It was a bit awkward for me since he was half naked and I was sitting next to him. Plus he was my brothers friend..bandmate.  He saw the awkward tension and said to make it even more awkward," It is so funny how you are single and I am single isnt it?" I felt myself smiling. I really didnt know if he was flirting or just playing around. But Liam is always so..serious.   But I liked this new Liam.  "So wouldnt it be funny if I just.." Liam said leaning close to my face. I panicked and put the ice pack on his lips. "Haha it would be very funny now go put clothes on," I said feeling weird. I walked out of the room throwing the ice pack on his bed.  

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