Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


4. California

Harrys Pov

I was packing up for California when I didnt see Niall or Lily. I smiled. Maybe they were...tossing the salad. Ew, why would I think that. They just met. Me and my pervet mind.  I told Louis to pack up the toothbrushes and I went to Nialls room. The sight was sweet yet really funny. I could see Niall holding Lily and Lily was drooling on Nialls shirt.They were cute together. But I must admit I am jealous. But in a friendly way. Not like a I LOVE HER TO DEATH kinda thing but she was very beautiful.But technically, I met her first. Long story. I shook it out of my head. No I can't do this to Niall.Clearly he loves her. But does she love him. I will have to find out...

Nialls Pov

We were on the flight to California. Wait sorry. We were on our JET to California.Louis and Zayn sat next to each other followed by Liam and I and Harry and Lily. I was a bit worried that Harry volunteered to sit next to Lily but I don't wanna seem like the jealous type.I was trying to listen to Liam about California but I was focusing on Harry. He was making Lily laugh like crazy. 

Lilys Pov

We were finally in CA. I was so happy. I felt like a movie star going on the red carpet. We had a total blast. When we got out of the airport there was a limo. A LIMO!!! I Lily Lao was riding in a Limo!!!!! We stopped by the hotel to drop off our bags and we went around the whole state. Well it felt like it. We went shopping, grabbed lunch, and you will not believe this. DISNEYLAND!!! I wanted to go there when I was a little kid but my parents never had the chance. We road roller coasters, ate cotton candy. Wait let me re phrase that. We went to eat loads of food THEN we went on the roller coaster. Louis threw up. Funny but gross. Then we saw Mickey Mouse, went on this creepy ride called Its A Small World, went on more roller coasters and we got to preform. Well the boys I mean. Turns out they were really famous. I just thought they were really rich. Then we saw the fireworks and I guess I fell asleep because I found myself waking up in the hotel suite with the rest of the boys. I had a chance to go to the terrace looking at the ocean. Beach? Anyway it reminded me off the incident that summer day....

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