Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


14. Bye Bye Miami

Lilys POV

I woke up to the feeling of heat covering my face. Someone had opened up the blinds. I looked at Niall. His blonde hair not styled yet. His hair smelled like shampoo and was still wet. He was a good sleeper.I got out of bed and went around the house looking in everyones room. I checked Angelina and Harry's room first. They were holding each other looking happy. Then I went to Zayn and Nicole's room. Door locked. I smiled. I guess last night they wanted privacy. I laughed at the thought. I went to Liam and Emma's room. The TV was still on. I saw popcorn boxes and popcorn kernels were on the ground and on the bed. It was slightly dark since the lights were off and the shades were closed. It felt like Hollister in there.  Then Louis room. He was on his phone in his PJs. But he was shirtless. I didn't mind and he didn't seem to mind either. "Morning sunshine," I said happily. "Mornin Lil," he said chirpy. "Whatcha doing?" I asked. He threw his phone towards me and I caught it very swiftly. I looked at the screen. He had a lot of calls from his girlfriend-  Mary Katherine. MK for short. I scrolled down and counted. 10 missed calls. "She is too much!" he yelled into his pillow. "Talk to her Louis. Girls don't like to be kept waiting." I explained to him. "But.." he began to say. but his phone cut him off. It was Call me maybe ringtone. I looked at him. Was he gonna answer it? He sighed and answered," Hello MK.How are you love?" he said and I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. He rolled his eyes playfully and threw a pillow at me meaning to scram. I went downstairs and went to the kitchen. I started making breakfast for everyone. Slowly everyone started to get up. Niall came downstairs first. "Hello beautiful," he said as he filled his plate with eggs and toast. he gave me a morning kiss and sat down at the table. Then Angelina and Harry got up with a case of Bed Head. I handed them  a plate and they sat down. Next Liam and Emma came down stairs. They had bags under their eyes and yawned while they ate their breakfast. "Someone stayed up last night watching movies," Angelina said with a smirk. Emma threw a piece of toast at her as Louis came downstairs with his phone. "How was MK?" I asked him and he nodded. "Okay I guess. She wonders when are we going to preform," he said. "Yea when are we?" asked Zayn coming downstairs with Nicole on his back. "Someone had fun last night," laughed Angelina. "Actually we did have fun Angelina. In fact we had so much fun..." nicole started to say. "NOO NOPE NOT AT THE TABLE!!" shouted Louis. "We are preforming tonight at 10:00 so we will be home late," Harry said with a sad face. The boys groaned. "But we are leaving to go to Exmouth in Australia. It is near the beach Turquoise Bay." Emma said,"It is one of the nicest beaches in the world. The best time is October and May." "We it is October so that will be a great expirience," Liam said. We all agreed and we went shopping for the boys concert. Well the girls did. The boys had to get ready early. So we shopped at the mall buying cute dresses, accesories, and shoes. We bought cupcakes to eat at home and we got our nails done. I wasn't that much of a girly girl but it was pretty fun. In all I think we spent over $500. So we went home and changed into the dresses. We got into the limo and went to the concert. We were backstage admiring the boys while they were about to preform. I found myself waking up in the beach house. My high heels were on the ground and I wasn't in my dress. Niall was asleep and so was everyone else. I started packing the bags for Australia. When I was finished I decided to pack everyone elses bags too. It took my a hour but I finally finished. Everyone woke up and got ready for Australia. We went to the airport and I was sad. Was Nicole,Angelina, and Emma gonna come to? Thankfully they were coming with us so I wouldn't say bye yet. We got on the private jet and took off. It reminded me of the first time I was on the plane with Harry. I knew back then I like Niall but I crushed on Harry for a little bit. But then it ended.  I looked out the window. Miami was crazy. I met Nialls sister. I found my lost friends. I kissed Niall. Emma ran away. Bill came back. Bill died. I was in the hospital. Our first concert. Woah. Well it was crazy. But deep down...I knew i was gonna miss Miami. "Bye Bye Miami," I said and fell asleep.

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