Waves of Love

Lily finds Niall, they fall in love, blah blah. But this isn't a fan fiction. This is real life.


11. Blood

Lilys POV

It was Bill. He had found me.I was in the master room under the bed. I didnt know where everyone else hid. I heard him searching. His footsteps grew closer. "Lily. Come on baby. I do not mean to hurt you..just come out," he said in a hushed tone. He opened up the door. I fell silent. My heart stopped. He came over to the bed and stopped. Then he went to the restroom. I sighed in relief. Then he grabbed my leg and pulled me out from under the bed. "AHHH!!!" I screamed. I kicked him in the leg and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed a knife to defend myself. He pulled out the gun and pulled the trigger. It hit me in the shoulder. It felt like a bear eating my shoulder. Blood fell onto the carpet and I saw it on my hand. "AHH." I screamed in pain. He pulled the trigger agian but this time, no bullet came out. He was out of amo. I grabbed the knife and stabbed his leg. He screamed and fell to the ground.  i saw the blood rush out of his leg.I crawled away but he had taken the knife out and tried to stab me. Then Niall came from behind him and hit him in the head with a chair. Bill fell to the ground and Niall came to me with a phone in his hand. "Don't worry 911 is coming hang in there,: Niall said. Bill got up and came over to Niall. "Niall," I said. I wasnt loud enough. "Niall," i said. "NIALL!" I screamed. Niall looked behind him and bill cut him in the stomach  with the knife.Blood appeared from his shirt. Niall tried to get up but Bill pushed him to the ground with a different gun in his hand. He put the gun on the table coming to me with the knife. "You ran away from me Lily. Now you will die and suffer like how your mom died.I loved her Lily and you killed her." "It wasnt my fault. She tried to save me Dad. The shark got her not me." I said with tears in my eyes. He ignored me and slapped me  so hard That I fell to the ground. He had the knife when suddenly Niall grabbed him and threw him onto the table. The table broke and Niall swung the chair at Bills face. Bill got up with his nose bloody with blood coming down his face and punched Niall grabbing the vase and smashing it onto Nialls head. Niall fell unconsious and lied on the floor.He had blood on his head and stomach. "Niall!!!" I screamed. Then Bill came and cut my back with the knife. He grabbed the knife and was about to slice when Bill fell to the floor. Emma was behind him with the gun in her hand. She had killed him. "Lily," she said coming over to my side. "I am so sorry" she said and i saw the paramedics and police behind her. My eyes fell slowly. The room got darker. 

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