5 Secrets 1 Choice

Claire is dating Zayn Malik. They're madly in love. But she has dirty little secret. She is dating all of them. She must choose who she wants to date. Will she stick with Zayn or go with someone else?


9. Chapter 6

Maddie's P.O.V

Niall softly walks down the steps, and Claire stomps behind him and slams the door shut. He sits in silence, and ruffles his hair.

"Ni, are you ok baby?" I ask, with a worried look in my eyes. He looks over at me, tears streaming down his face and he hugs me tightly.

"I'm so sorry Maddie. I didn't kiss her! She kissed me!" He says through his sobs. I just pull him close and cradle him in my small arms.

Niall's P.O.V

I can't believe I told her. Mainly she understood. We sit in silence. She just strokes my arms, and telling me it's going to be ok, and that she knows it's not my fault. She cuddles me, and we both fall asleep on the couch and in each other's embrace.

Claire's P.O.V

I can't go home. I can't stay home. I can't face Zayn, and tell him that I've kissed 3 of his best mates in under 12 hours! I just can't. I drive around, tears streaming down my face and I keep thinking a place that I could go. Harry's and Victoria's? Yes that sounds like a good plan. I pull out my phone and dial Victoria's number. I speak to her more than Harry

V: Claire? Is everything ok?

M: um yea. Can I stay the night? I don't think I can face Zayn.

V: Of course darling. The door is always open for you up here. Come when your ready.

M: thanks love. Be there in a bit.

*hang up*

Victorias P.O.V

I hope she's ok. Why would she not wanna go home? Did her and Zayn have an argument?

"Babe who was that?" Harry asks and wraps his arms around my waist, and placing his head on my shoulder.

"Claire. She needed somewhere to stay. I told her she could come over here. Do you know anything that's going on between her and Zayn?" I ask and turn to face him. He shakes his head, which makes his curls bounce around. I giggle and we sit down on the couch. It was about 25 minutes before we heard a knock and Claire walk in. She smiles and I run and hug her.

"Can I talk to you? In private?" She asks on the verge of tears. I shake my head and led her upstairs to mine and Harry's room. She tells me all that has happened tonight and I feel bad for her.

"Promise me you won't say anything?" She asks with sobs escaping her lips.

“I promise love,” I say and pull her into a tight hug.

"Now. You wanna go downstairs and watch a movie?" I ask and a weak smile comes to her lips. I smile and help her down the steps.

Claire's P.O.V

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I had to tell somebody, and Tori is the person I trust the most. She just lets me finish and I break down more. I finish and make sure she promises not to tell. She promises, and I know she won't tell anybody. She's my best friend. Speaking of best friends, I wonder if Lou has told Morgan yet. I just shake it off and watch the movie with Victoria and Harry.

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