5 Secrets 1 Choice

Claire is dating Zayn Malik. They're madly in love. But she has dirty little secret. She is dating all of them. She must choose who she wants to date. Will she stick with Zayn or go with someone else?


2. Chapter 2

Louis P.O.V

I saw the car pull up and Claire gets out. Man she look beautiful tonight. But I'm with Morgan and I can't do that to her. I'll just look at Morgan all night tonight and not think about her. Just on Morgan. No one else.

Claire's P.O.V

I think I'm starting to like Louis. But I can't do that to Morgan. She has been my best friend for about 5 years now. I love her like a sister and I also don't want to hurt Zayn. I already did something bad and I feel really guilty about it. I can't hurt Zayn anymore. I just shake it off and go inside. Louis and I start to make eye contact a lot. I look over at Morgan and she is getting worried.

Morgan's P.O.V

I see that Claire and Louis keep looking at each other. I pull Louis aside. "Is there something going on between you and Clair?" I ask him. "No. Not at all babe. I love you and only you," he says. I smile and he kisses my forehead and we walk back to the table. 

Claire's P.O.V

I see them walk back to the table. Zayn and Morgan excuse themselves to go to the bathroom.  "Wanna go get a drink?" I ask Louis. He shakes his head in agreement. We get up and walk to the bar. We had a couple of drinks and I felt dizzy but I shook it off. I looked straight into Louis's eyes and we both lean in and he kisses me! I don't fight back and let him kiss me. I also kiss him back. We pull apart and he walks away.

Louis P.O.V

I decided to go to the bar with Claire.  We kept cracking jokes about the stupidest things. Just how she looked I could tell she was drunk and so was I. I look straight into her eyes and kiss her! She doesn't pull away. She kisses me back as well. When we pull apart I get up and walk away. I can't believe I just done that while dating Morgan. I'm so ashamed of myself.

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