5 Secrets 1 Choice

Claire is dating Zayn Malik. They're madly in love. But she has dirty little secret. She is dating all of them. She must choose who she wants to date. Will she stick with Zayn or go with someone else?


1. Chapter 1

Claire's P.O.V

"Whatever you do you can't tell Liam this!" I say to him. "Don't worry babe I won't," he says with a smirk on his face. I give a weak smile and he kissed me. His lips are perfect. I smile in the kiss and I can tell he knows I did that.

Liam's P.O.V

I can tell she's nervous. So am I. I really don't want to do this to Zayn but I think Claire is the perfect girl for me. I lean in and kiss her. Her kiss is amazing, the best ever. She smiles in the middle. I pull away when her phone rings. "Hold on I have to take this," she says and walks away.

Claire's P.O.V

I look down and she it is Zayn calling. When I answer I can tell he is mad.

Zayn: Where are you? We're going to dinner in an hour!

Me: I'm sorry I just was at Morgan's just chilling. I'm sorry babe.

Zayn: *Sighs* It's ok just be home soon I want you to look good. Love you babe.

Me: Love you too.

*Hangs up*

"Liam, I have to go um I guess I'll see you later," I say and walk away.

Zayn's P.O.V

I've notice she has been going to Morgan's lately. I know that they're friends but I think something is going on.

Morgan's P.O.V

I was talking on the phone with Louis when I heard a beep.

Me: Hold on babe someone is calling

Louis: Alright

I answer and hear Zayn

Zayn: Is it true that Claire has been over there lately?

Me: Um

I hear another beep

Me: Hold on Zayn

Claire: If Zayn calls tell him I have been over there!

*Hangs up*

Me: Yeah she has. Ok?

Zayn: Alright

*Hangs up*

Claire's P.O.V

I ran up to our flat and run and I get stopped by Zayn. Then he started to ask all these questions. "I-I'm sorry. I'll get dressed quickly and then we will go," I say while running upstairs. I pull out my blue dress that has a black belt and pull out my black pumps. I put my long brown hair into a pony tail and walk downstairs. I decided to go without make-up cause Zayn hates it. I walk downstairs and Zayn smiles really big. He takes my hand and we walk out to the car. "Louis and I planned to take you and Morgan out to eat," he says while opening my door for me. It was a 20 minute where we were greeted by Louis and Morgan. 


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