One Direction

I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


19. Your first child (Louis)

You and Louis were laying on the couch watching TV while he rubbed your stomach.You and your long time boyfriend had been pregnant for 8 months.Ever since you found out,you always wanted a boy,then maybe girls later.

You still lay there , his arms wrapped around your body and you snuggled into his chest.You shifted a bit and Louis kissed the back of your head.You stood up to stretch and recieved a hard kick in the stomach.Your hands flew to your body in pain,and instantaneously Louis was at your side.You felt water leaking down your legs,and when you looked down your at your bottom half,it was soaked.You looked at Louis,and he smiled.

"I think it’s time to have a baby…" Louis said aloud before running to get your jacket and towels. He helped you with your jacket and grabbed the keys. As you walked into the garage,he held your hand.He led you over to the white accord and coated the passenger seat with towels before escorting you in.As you sat down,he closed the door and ran to his.He jumped in the car and pulled out ,almost forgeting  to close the garage door.When the car got out of the drive way,Louis pulled out his phone.

"Hey Boys….guess who’s having a baby???" You heard cheering and screaming on the other side and from the high shreeks,you could tell that Little Mix was there too.He hung up,and you called your family, and Louis called his.You held his hand through the ride and as you got to the hospital,Louis bridal style carried you in.One of the boys must have called the hospital because when you got there , a nurse and wheel chair was waiting .You sat down and Louis  kissed you.You just smiled and another kick  happened causing you to gasp and Louis kissed you again, which made the pain go away.

"Im gonna wait for the boys,but the minute they get here,i’ll go to you.I love you.." he said to you."What suite is she in???  he asked the nurse

"Suite 5204, Mr.Tomlinson." the nurse replied.

"Alright,i’ll be there soon,babe.Promise." he kissed you again.

You nodded and the nurse wheeled you into an elevator.As you went up,the baby kicked again,causing you to hiss.

They put in a gown,and wheeled you to a room,where they asked you questions and everything.Then man with a name tag of Dr.Wilson walked in and did a quick ultrasound to make sure the birth would go okay. As you watched the ultrasound, the baby looked more and more like Louis,with already noticable cheek bones,and big eyes.You cried and the doc comforted you.You sucked up and the doctor turned off the ultrasound.

Louis burst in the door a couple minutes later,kneeling by the bed and holding your hand..He told you comforting words and kissed you over and over.He was asked to go put on a protective gown soon,and he left for a couple minutes.He ran back in soon and was right there again.

The doctor soon started testing contractions,which were coming in fast.You were already at level 5 of 7.With every level the pain got worse.but Louis made it go away with every kiss.

When the time came,the pain was so so so bad.You were sweating and hot probably looked terrible .Louis was taking photo’s of everything,and once when you caught him trying to get a photo,you flipped him off ,and he took a picture of it.You rolled your eyes. and then the doctor called in a bunch of nurses to help deliever the baby .They opened your legs and they made unbearrable pain.You cried out and Louis kissed you quickly to stop the pain.And it helped alot…Something about his kiss…

The baby started to come out,and you again screamed when Louis clamped his mouth over yours to help and it did….all the rest of the world was blocked out with his kiss and he slowed your heartbeat.When you were brought back to the world the baby was half out ,the bottom half.You closed your eyes again and squeezed Louis’s handand which he replyed.

"You are doing so good,Ma’am." the doctor complimented.

"Having the daddy here helps alot." You say staring at Louis who started blushing.

"She is a very brave,strong girl."  Louis said ,still kneeling by your side."which is why I love you so much,Y/N.I love you so much, I dont know what i’d with out you .You mean so much to me .Y/N is such a beautiful woman which is why im asking her to marry me…." Louis said with tears in his eyes.

You screamed out in pain and slammed your lips into his while all the nurses awwed.Louis pulled out a big,rainbow diamond ring and placed it on your finger..He kissed you again.And the baby started crying.

The doctor cut the cord and pulled the baby out ,shouting ,”It’s a boy!!! Whats his name gonna be??

Louis and you looked at each other,in which you responded,

"Thomas Daniel Lewis Tomlinson"  and Louis smiled at you…

"Terrific name ,Babe,or should i say ,Mrs.Tommo Tomlinson??"He smirked.You scoffed and told him babe was fine right now.He leaned up and kissed you ,leaving you breathless and in love….with your new fiancee and son.

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