One Direction

I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


21. Study partners (all)

Liam:The clock read three am in blaring red. You groaned, laying your head down on the desk with a light thud. "Li~ why did we wait so long to finish this?" You complained. He rolled his eyes at you shaking his head. "Come off it, [Y/N]. You demeaned that we pull an all niter a few hours before it's due." You groaned again, I didn't think you'd actually let me. You're the responsible one." He ignored your dramatic complaints and continued typing away on his computer. "Stop pouting and come help me before I submit this without your name on it." You immediately sat up once his threat was made. "Sorry. Don't be mad?" You asked, pecking his lips. "Yeah yeah." He said fighting back the smile on his lips as the two of you hovered over the laptop screen. You read material from several open text books as he typed away, keeping in mind how much he loved you to keep his irritation at bay.
Harry:"Stop it, Haz!" You giggled, causing several 'shh's' to be directed toward your corner. Harry ignored them, and continued to press little butterfly kisses along your neck as you tried scan the shelves for books to aid you two in your extended dissertation. "For Christ's sake, Harry!" You looked back at him to see a smug smirk playing along his lips. His hand snaked up your shirt causing a sharp gasp to leave your lips. "The project is due at the end of the month, [Y/N]. Let's have a bit of fun, yeah?" He whispered in your ear. You bit down on your bottom lip, shaking your head. "No, I refuse to wait until the very last minute.Stop dicking around." You shrugged him from off of you, continuing your book hunt, Harry making faces at you behind your back.
Niall:As you began writing, Niall purposely nudged your elbow with his. Your pencil made a heavy stray mark across the words you had previously written. "You're such a bastard, Niall." You glared, beginning to erase. Niall laughed uncontrollably from beside you. "Awe, c'mon, Princess. It was funny!" He argued, shaking his head. You rolled your eyes, beginning to write again, only to have your elbow nudged once more. "Ugh! Ni!" You shouted, chucking your pencil at him. He pecked your cheek, laughing harder. "You're just so damn cute when flustered an frustrated, [Y/N]. I couldn't help it." He said in between his laughter. You muttered an insult under your breath, rolling your eyes. "Whatever, you do this part of the assignment." You huffed, standing up to stretch.
Louis:His arms snaked around your waist, as he read along with you from over your shoulder. You let your hands rest against his, a smile touching your lips. "You're surprisingly on your best behavior, Lou. What's wrong?" You asked, breaking the silence. "Ha ha, [Y/N]. I know how to be a good boy, babes." He replied. You turned your head to peck his cheek. "I'm proud of you, putting all that energy into our project." He smiled, kissing your lips. "I love making you proud."
Zayn:He looked up at you from behind the screen of his laptop. You looked up from your book, poking your tongue out at him. Zayn couldn't help but snort out a laugh, looking back at his laptop. You read over, pushing the lid of his laptop down slightly. "Whaddaya want, love?" He asked, closing it completely. You shut your book, leaning across the table with pursed lips. He gave your lips a peck, raising a brow. "You want another break?" You nodded, coming around to sit on his lap. He secured you in place by wrapping your arms around your waist. "This has go to be the last break, [Y/N]." He wagged his finger in your face. "We'll never finish at this rate." You placed a tender kiss to his lips, ignoring his words completely. The project being forgotten, even just for a little bit.

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