One Direction

I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


5. How he calms you down (Harry)

When ever you are mad at him you let him know, not with words, but with actions.

You'll bump into him to try and piss him off, or you just don't talk to him.

One day you were mad at him for cheeking out  another girl.

"What did I do now?" he asked

"If you mean staring at that girls ass, that's what you did" you screamed

"I'm sorry"

"Sorry my ass Harry! I'm tired of you!" you say hitting his chest

He doesn't do anything just stands there. Which makes you more mad you hit him again.

You took all your anger out on him, screaming 'I hate you'

When you clamed down you fall on the floor, crying.

"Come here" he says wrapping his arms around you

"Why cant I stop loving you?" you whisper

"I love you so much baby" He whispered back

"I love you and only you" He says, kissing you.










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