One Direction

I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


11. He Realizes he loves you (all)

Zayn: I looked back at (Y/N) and saw her talking to Doniya and Waliyha. The day just started of, we had only been visiting mom for a few hours, and she was like best friends with my sisters already. I chuckled as mom came in and dragged my babe along with her to the kitchen. She would probably show her what kind of food I loved. Moms always looking out for you.

“Hey baby.” I came up behind her and pecked her cheek. She blushed as mom was standing right beside us, but I didn’t care.

“Zayn stop it, your mom’s here.” I chuckled and turned to kiss her fully on the lips. She gasped and pushed me away after a few seconds. Slapping my arm she turned to my mom and blushed while starting to talk with her again.

I can’t believe I got so lucky, she absolutely amazing. If  I didn’t know better I would think… well I would think I love her. Maybe it’s not that crazy, we’ve been together for a while now and she’s amazing. I honestly couldn’t picture myself with anyone else. I looked back at her, and I knew. She’s the one I have been waiting for all my life.

/because zayn loves his family/

Louis: I don’t know what came over me, but I saw her when we got out of the airport, and yeah we’ve been gone for four days but I missed her like crazy. So I ran, dropped my bags by Zayn and ran all I could towards her. Once her body came in contact of mine, I lifted her up and placed my lips on top of hers. She giggled through the kiss but I didn’t care. 
The weirdest I can say though, is that when she pulled away and looked me in the eyes, I was in love. I knew that this girl is the one I want to grow old with and give her everything she wants. From the moon and back.

/because louis is not public about his relationship/

Liam: I watched her stand beside Gemma, laughing and singing along to the songs she learnt by heart. A smile broke out on my face and I probably looked creepy, but she was there and she was happy. After several break-ups I found the one I wanted to keep, and hold in my arms.

“Hi Liam mate, why you zooning out?” Niall asked from across the stage and shit the camera zoomed in as I blushed. She would see this now and realize how stupid I am.

“Because he got a special lady in the crowd…” Harry teased and poked me on the cheek. I slapped his hand back, and laughed a bit totally embarrassed.

“He’s getting some!”

“Shut up, zayn.”

I walked to the edge of the scene, and grinned huge when she mouthed at me. I love you too, I mouthed back.

/because liam looks cute smilling and therefor I made him smile so much/

Niall: I held my princess close as we swayed a bit side to side, the lakers game going on beneath us. Her hair was tickling my face, as I placed my chin on her shoulder and her back tightly pressed to my chest. I placed kisses up her neck, and after a while she started squirming.

“Niall the whole stadium is watching!” She whispered and pulled away, to stand by my side instead. I pouted for a second before her words registered, and I looked up at the big screen to see our faces. It was not the kiss cam or anything, it was just us. Typical to show me now that I’m Niall Horan from One Direction. I sighed and took (Y/N)’s hand, holding it tight mine.

“I’m sorry, I know you hate people watching us and I should have kept away-“ I didn’t get to finish as she pulled me in for a kiss. She smiled into it and bit my lip.

“You idiot, I don’t care as long as you’re there.” She sighed resting her head on my shoulder. I grinned and kissed her forehead. She defiantly was a princess.

“I love you, my princess.”

/because we all want to be called Niallers princess/

Harry: I laughed and threw my head back as Ed made another comment about the whole worst dressed situation. I heard giggling and squealing behind me, so I turned in the couch to see (Y/N) and mom looking at something on (Y/N)’s phone.

“What you doing?” I asked and they both looked up. (Y/N) quickly locked the phone and hid it in her pocket.

“Nothing.” Mom and her said on the same time. Yeah right…

“They’re looking at porn, Harreh. Let them be.”  Ed chuckled and watched as (Y/N) threw a pillow at his face, and nearly hit him.

“I’ll get it out of you.” I teased and walked towards them. Mom rolled her eyes and walked away but (Y/N) tried to escape before I could get her. I did catch her though, before she ran away and I threw her onto the couch with me on top of her. I knew she was ticklish, so I tickled her until she was begging and gasping for me to stop.

“We were just looking at photos of you two the fans took, Harry.” Mom said and came back with food to us all. I chuckled and looked down at those eyes I couldn’t get enough of. She was an angel sent to make me live again, she was everything I had.

“I love you Kitten, and will forever.” 

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