One Direction

I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


23. He asks you a weird question about being a girl

Liam- “These commercials annoy me so much.” You said to Liam while you two were watching TV and a tampon commercial came on. “Why?” Liam chuckled. “Because like I don’t care what brand of tampon you use your period is still going to be miserable and you’re not going to want to do anything and if you do you’re probably on drugs.” You said. “Do tampons hurt?” Liam asked. “What?” you asked giving Liam a weird look. “Never-mind.” He said. “No tell me what you said.” you said with a smirk. “No (YN) it doesn’t matter!” he said starting to laugh. “LIAM JAMES PAYNE. The TV isn’t coming back on until you repeat what you said.” You said holding the remote in the air, but Liam reaching for it. “No!” You said running away from him and running up the stairs trying to keep him from grabbing it even though he caught up to you halfway up the stairs. “HA.” He said smirking with the remote in his hand. “Liam wins.” He said turning around and walking back down the stairs. “You asshole.” You said laughing and following him. “Tell me what you said.” You said with a huge grin. “(YN) you obviously heard me!” he said sitting back down. “I’m not sure if I did or not!” you said. “Fine. I asked if tampons hurt ok!” he said. “Yup I heard you right.” You said laughing. “Not like you will ever have to worry about it!” you said. “Well I just wondered because people say they can take away your virginity and stuff so I wondered if it felt like a penis.” he said. “Liam oh my god you are insane.” You said nearly crying from laughter. “So it doesn’t feel like that?” He asked. “No babe it doesn’t feel like a dick.” You said shaking your head at your crazy boyfriend.

Niall- “(YN) you know what I really don’t get about girls?” Niall said while you two sat at the kitchen table. “What would that be Niall…” You said waiting for a huge story. “I don’ get why they will be on like twitter or something and post a picture and be like ‘Ohh I’m so ugly’ ‘Ughh I am so fat today.’ Like I don’t get that. If you feel so bad about yourself then why do you do that?” Niall said. “Ni they just want attention and want people to tell them they aren’t ugly or that they aren’t fat.” you said. “But why? It makes me so annoyed because part of me just wants to reply and be like you’re not ugly but the other part of me wants to punch them in the face.” he said making you nearly choke on your drink. “You want to punch them in the face.” You said with a chough from your choke. ”Well yeah but no.” He said. “I just don’t get where they get the thirst for attention for.” He said. “It’s because 99.9% of the female population actually think they are ugly and fat and they think that is the only way to make them feel better about themselves. Then people feed them nice comment and they continue to do it, then someone says something like ‘Yeah you are ugly’ to them and then they make an even bigger deal out of it.”  you said. “But that is so unattractive like have confidence that’s attractive.” He said. “Yeah I know but some people don’t have that and I guess I understand it but it’s weird.” You said.

Louis- “What the hell is all this stuff?” Louis asked while you were trying to get ready to go to dinner with him tonight. “Louis can you stop you can play with the eyelash curler another time” You said taking the small object from his hand. “I’m not playing I am trying to become more educated on the female race.” He said. “The female race?” You said. “I think you me gender.” You finished. “Yeah that.” He said moving towards your closet. “Why are all of your bras and underwear matching and like in a set together?” He asked. “Because I have organization in my life unlike you and it helps me find them when I need them depending on what I am wearing.” you said. “Depending on what you’re wearing?” He asked. “Fuck.” You said burning yourself with your curling iron. “Yes depending on what I’m wearing like tonight I need the nude strapless and nude thong.” You said to Louis. “Mhmm.” Louis said. “Yeah not a shot Tommo will you just get them so we’re not late.” You said. “I got you babe.” He said picking them up and putting them on the bed. “Don’t rush it that’s as close as you’re getting to them tonight.” you said putting a few final curls in your hair and letting them bounce onto your bathrobe. “Someone’s a little feisty.” Louis said. “Yeah so get out  I can put these on.” You said picking up your bra and underwear and kicking Louis out of the room.

Harry- “I hate boobs.” You said loudly coming down the stairs yours and Harry’s house. “I don’t.” Harry said back. “Yeah you don’t have to deal with two balls of fat in the middle of your body. Let alone bra’s.” You said sitting next to him on the couch. “Yeah but I have to listen to you complain about them so it’s pretty much the same thing.” He said. “Harry don’t start.” you said glaring at him. “How are they really that bad?” He asked. “Really? Do you want a list?” You said. “Why not.” He said. “Well 1. They are obnoxious, 2. Every guy stares at them, 3. You can’t run down the stairs without them hitting you in the face, 4. They are bitch on your period 5,They get freaking huge when you get pregnant then a baby sucks on them 6, bra’s are the worst thing ever and are so uncomfortable, 7. They make your back hurt. Must I continue Mr. Styles?” you said. “But they..” he began. “No but’s Harry boobs suck.” You interrupted. “Bu they’re sexy!” Harry stretched out. “Harry end of story. BOOBS HURT.” You said.

Zayn- “Babe can I ask you a really weird question?” Zayn said to you while you were putting your shoes on getting ready to go out with him. “Oh god what..” You said with nervous laughter. “Don’t laugh like that!” Zayn said. “You know I have nervous laughter!” You defended. “Ya know what forget it!” Zayn said. “Zaaaaynn! Come on!” You said. “Nope.” He said. “Zayn ask me!” you said. “Ya know what fine. I wanted to know what a thong felt like. If it felt weird. Alright there you go.” Zayn said. “Oh…my…” You said putting your hand over your mouth to hold in laughter. “Can I just ask why?” You said. “I don’t know don’t you ever wonder what it feels like to have a penis or something?” Zayn said. “Uhh no.” You said laughing. “Fine forget I said anything.” Zayn said. “To answer your question you don’t really feel them.” You said. “Does that help Zaynie Poo?” You asked with a giggle. “Shut up it  was just a question” Zayn said embarrassed. “It’s alright Z we’ve all been there.” You said giving him a hug.

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