One Direction

I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


15. Harry imagine

You and Lou Teasdale had been best friends for a while. She had called and asked you a few weeks ago to babysit Lux today, so that was where you were headed. You arrived to her house and knocked on the door. The door opens and you see Harry Styles from One Direction answer the door. You knew that she was their hairstylist, so you weren’t too surprised about him being there; you just weren’t expecting him to be there. “Oh umm, Hi is Lou here?” You ask. He nods. “Yeah, she’s just about to leave though.” He says. “I know.” You say. “I’m here to babysit Lux.” You smile and right on cue Lux runs to you and hug your legs. You giggle and pick her up. “Wait you’re here to babysit?” He asks. “That’s why I’m here.” He says. “Oh, umm Harry I forgot that Y/N was babysitting today.” Lou says. “So, I guess if you have other plans you can go.” She smiles. “NO.” Lux whines. “Stay!” She says. He laughs. “Okay, I’ll stay if that’s okay.” He says looking at you. “Oh yeah, it’s cool.” You say. “YAY!” Lux giggles. You laugh and kiss her head and Lou leaves.

“I guess I should introduce myself.” You laugh and hold your hand out. “I’m Y/N.” You smile. “Harry, nice to meet you.” He smiles shaking your hand. “You too.” You smile. “So, Lux what do you want to do?” You ask her. “Let’s do Uncle Harry’s hair.” She giggles. You laugh and look over at him. “Okay, fine.” He says. She giggles and claps and you take her to find different hair things. She ends up pointing out different hair ties and you grab a brush and you both go to where he is. “So, are you going to make me look fabulous?” He asks her. She giggles and nods. “Sit!” she says pointing to the floor. He does as she says and you giggle. “So what are you thinking about doing?” You ask her. She giggles and whispers to you. You laugh and nod. “Cwose eyes.” She tells him. He laughs and closes his eyes and then you both start on his hair. You make a bunch of little ponytails all over his hair and she hands you the hair ties. “So, how long have you know Lou?” He asks you. “A few years.” You say. “Cool, it’s weird though how we haven’t crossed paths before.” He says. “Well, it’s a bit hard when I’m stuck here and you guys are traveling all over the world.” You laugh. “You have a point.” He laughs. “Okay, Lux are we done?” You ask her. She walks in front of him and giggles nodding. “Yes.” She says. “Open!” she says and you hand him the mirror. “Wow! I love it, I think this is my new style.” He laughs. She giggles. “Let’s take a picture.” You smile. You grab your phone and Lux sits in his lap and you take a picture and you show him. “Can you send me that?” He asks. You nod and hand it to him to type in his number. He does and sends it to him. You both then go to play with Lux for the rest of the day. She then starts to get tired, so you both put her down for a nap. She falls asleep quickly and you both go into the living room. “You’re really good with her.” You smile. “I mean most guys your age run away from kids.” You laugh.  “Thanks, I think.” He laughs. “You’re good with her too, she really loves you. She talks about you all the time.” He adds. “Really?” You ask. He nods. “I’ve always wondered who she was talking about and now I know.” He says. You blush a bit. “I’m going to order something for lunch, do you want anything?” You ask. “Sure, we can get a pizza.” He says. You nod and get your phone and order it. After you’re done, you look through your pictures that you took that day. You giggle. “What?” He asks walking over to you. “Just these pictures from today.” You smile and show him. He looks over your shoulder at your phone. “I like this one.” He smiles pointing to the one of the two of you. You smile and look back at him and notice how close you two are. You both stand there for a bit, but the moment is ruined when the doorbell rings. You walk over to the door and see it’s the pizza guy. “Let me get my purse.” You say. “No, I got it.” Harry smiles walking over and handing the guy some cash and taking the pizza. “At least let me pay for half.” You say. “Nope.” He smirks. “So, you’re one of those guys then?” You joke. “Guess so.” He laughs. You laugh and grab some drinks and you both sit down to eat the pizza. “Do you have a boyfriend?” He asks randomly. You look over at him. “No, I don’t.” You say. “I mean I did, but that ended badly a few months ago.” “Oh, sorry to hear that.” He says. You shrug. “It’s in the past now and it’s for the better anyway. “ You say. “Do you have a girlfriend?” You ask. “No, it’s really hard finding someone that I can trust and that can handle me being away.” He sighs. “I can’t even imagine.” You say. “But I’m sure you’ll find someone someday, I mean they say there is always someone out there for us.” You say. He nods and smiles. You smile and soon you see Lux walking in and she sits in between the two of you. “Movie!” she says. You laugh and pick her favorite. She smiles and crawls in his lap. “Here!” She says pointing to you and the space closer to Harry. You blush and scoot closer to him. He smiles a bit and puts his arm on the couch over you. It starts getting cold and you wrap a blanket around all three of you and then you all end up falling asleep.

Soon Lou gets home and sees all of you together, she clears her throat and you wake up. “Oh, wow, what time is it?” You ask rubbing your eyes. “A little after 8.” She says. “So, I leave you two here to babysit and I come home to find you cuddling together with my child.” She smirks. You blush. “It’s not like that.” You say quickly. She laughs. “Y/N, it’s okay. He’s a good guy. In fact, I think you two would make a great couple and my plan worked.” She smirks. “Wait what?” You ask. “Oh, nothing.” She says and picks up Lux. “You planned this?” You ask her. “You planned for us to babysit on the same day?” You say. She smirks. “Maybe.” She says innocently. You blush and shake your head. “I can’t believe you.” You say. “Look, I know what happened with your ex really put you through hell and he’s been looking for a someone to be with and you fit that perfectly.” She smiles. “Give it a chance.” She whispers. “I got you this far, now it is up to you two to do the rest.” She says before walking upstairs. You blush and look over at him and you see a smirk on his face. “You knew about this didn’t you?” You accuse. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He smirks. You roll your eyes. “Sure.” You say. “Okay, maybe I did know about this, it’s just from what I’ve heard about you from Lou and how much Lux talks about you, I just I really wanted to meet you, so I asked Lou and she told me that you were babysitting today, so I decided to come over.” He smiles. You laugh. “Wow, I don’t think a guy has ever done something like this to meet me before.” You say. He blushes. “So, what do you think of me now?” You ask. “Now, that you have met me.” You ask. “Well, I think that I really like you and I want to get to know you better.  “ He smiles. “Maybe we could go get some dinner or ice cream or something tonight?” He asks as you both walk over and get your things. “I’d like that, but I’m paying.” You say pointing to him. “We’ll see.” He smirks as you both head out the door. You went for both dinner and ice cream that night and he didn’t let you pay for either. You spent a lot of that night talking and laughing.  A few months later, you were in your flat packing to join One Direction’s next tour as Lou’s assistant and as Harry’s girlfriend. 

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