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I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


18. Family troubles (all)

Family Troubles
Harry: "…and then bro, I’m telling you, flew right over my shoulder and he just hit the ground and I was like- are you for real?" 

Harry turns around as sees you. Your hair was a tangled mess as your rubbed your eyes, and night shirt he’d seen you wear since you were thirteen was now too tight, embodying your figure. You glowered over Harry, as if he wasn’t there. You’d always done that. Harry felt invisible, blind because of the constant bickering and spite between you and your brother. He couldn’t blame you, anyone friends with your dick brother was dick themselves. You looked like, Harry thought, a lost doe in the woods, beautiful even though you were ragged and a little scared. 

"Come on mate, drop it. It’s three am." Harry mumbles, not taking his eyes off you. Your brother rolls his eyes and ignores you. It was either ignoring or yelling. Harry had a sister of his own, and he had no idea why he stuck around…maybe it was just to see you…who knows. All Harry knew was that your brother wasn’t the same after your parents got a divorce where your Mum moved half way across the country and your Dad wasn’t at home for weeks, he seemed to blame it on you. He turns away as your brother picks up his conversation again but keeps you in the corner of his eyes. You still weren’t seeing him. It was like the both of them weren’t there. You stay at the bench, drinking your glass of water. 

"…yeah so I pretty much got the goal and you know I had to be fast right the guy was coming straight for me- argh why are you standing there? Leave. No one invited you." Your brother was at it again and you jump up at his voice, spilling your water. "Oh great yeah, do that too. Useless you are." Your brother gets up with a screech of his chair, grabs a tea towel and quickly wipes it up and then harshly shoving it into your hands, wetting your shirt. "Go before you mess something else up like Mum and Dad." Harry watches you bite your trembling lips, huff and glare. 

"At least I know why they left me. Why’d they leave you huh? Weren’t you the star golden darling boy of his? Fat lot that did you!" You scream, throwing the glass cup into the sink, smashing it. 

Your brother did something worst than screaming. He ignored you. Plain and simple. “So Hazza, he comes right at me-” Louis feels you walk out the kitchen. Harry knew that when your brother ignored you, it was always the worst for you. You seemed to feel your whole life you were being ignored. He tried not to voice up again. It takes a while for your brother to fall asleep, but once he did Harry walks up the stairs, making sure he makes noises in the bathroom, before he stops at your door. Harry wanted to want to walk back downstairs, but he didn’t. He stood at your doorway, hearing soft sobs.

"Hey…I’m sorry." Harry whispers out. "I’m really sorry." Your sobs stop, but you don’t answer, and he doesn’t hear you moving. Harry tries to fumble for something to say. Anything to make you happy. "Want to hear a knock knock joke?" Harry pauses and takes the silence as a yes. "Knock, knock?" He waits, pauses…and faintly, hears a slight ‘Who?’ in response. His smile broadens. "Adore." Harry waits again, and it’s harder to hear you after so much silence, but he hears it, ‘Adore who?’. Harry laughs slightly to himself in relief and says, "There’s a door between us, aren’t you going to open up?” Your small, watery laughter is music. Harry starts to go downstairs, but then he hears your door creak open, and blissfully, his name in the four am darkness. 

"Harry?" You say his name unsure, as if you might be wrong, heard it wrong, didn’t pay enough attention. 

He turns back to you and nods. “Yeah.” Harry has to sit on the floor, your doe-eyes and bambi lips of innocence shooting through him. He watches you watch him. 

"Why are you friends with him?" You ask skeptically, he can tell the misjudgement is fading from you, like a scared doe trusting a small sheep. Different, but harmless. 

Harry takes in a deep breath, readying words that can’t be said tomorrow. “For you. To make sure you’re okay.” He watches your already large eyes widen in surprise, high arched brows, rapid blinking. He smiles weakly back at you and shrugs. Your surprise is slowly replaced by a small smile that etches on to him instantly. 

"Want to hear a knock knock joke?" You say, sitting on the floor of your room, the open door against your knee. Harry nods and you smile more, starting your joke. You both started sharing jokes into the early morning, stifling laughter as the sunshine poured through. It was a light oasis in a rather bleak, sad household. 

Liam: "Come on, you don’t really mean that about her." Liam whispers imploringly, laying horizontally on the foot of your bed, your feet underneath him. He knew you didn’t. You always struggled in-between love stage. You stayed there for so long people almost gave up on you every time. Liam was still at this stage. Your step mum was just realising how brutal that stage was. 

"Sometimes I do." You protest, thoughts of your step mum running through your head, some not all that pleasant. 

"Come on. She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. You could’ve got a lot worst." Liam tickles your legs and makes you laugh in whispers. 

You and your step mum had always had problems. Liam just couldn’t see it. However, he understood why you acted out the way you did sometimes. You never liked change. You cried when your favourite white shirt from when you were eight no longer fit you at age fifteen, Liam had to practically drag all your stuff out of your old, small room to change into the bigger one, your favourite colour is always lilac, you still to this day take all your watermelon seeds out of your watermelon before you eat it because someone once told you they’ll grow inside you if you ate them. You were so stubborn for things to remain the same, and when things changed you couldn’t control, you were angry and confused. Liam could see the problems it caused for not only you but your Dad and siblings as well. 

"I know." You whisper after sighing in the silence, catching Liam off guard. He sits up, waiting for you expectantly. "I just…can’t seem to get over my Dad marrying someone that isn’t my Mum. You know? Now everything she does wrong, things she doesn’t do, I notice. I’m looking for things because I think stupidly if I find them, things will go back to normal, like they used to be." You’re tearing up then, and you angrily wipe them away, mumbling, "I’m so selfish." 

Liam crosses the threshold of the bed and pulls you into a hug. “Hey, look, no one ever wants things to change. Especially when it didn’t need to be. It doesn’t make you selfish. You kept me around, even though I fly over the world to sing and hardly see you.” 

You laugh and nod into Liam’s chest. “I didn’t speak to you for two weeks though and I called you rude things. I’m still not used to it though. I miss this. Us.” 

Liam inhales sharply at your words. “Yeah, I remember….honestly, I’m not used to either. I miss you everyday.” He murmurs on the crown of you head, shutting his eyes tight as if wishing for something. “Especially when you were calling me mean things, it hurt so much.” 

"That’s what I mean Liam" You resign in regret. "I’m selfish."

Liam shakes his head. “I see how much you try to accept, and sometimes you do, without even thinking about it. That’s what everyone sees. That’s not selfish to me. At least you’re trying.” 

Liam can see in your eyes that you don’t believe him, but are grateful for his words. “If only I could change as easily as you but still be the same…I’m just stuck here.” 

Liam presses his lips on you. “I wouldn’t love you if you weren’t who you are right now. Selfishness and all. I know your family wouldn’t either. We all have our flaws. I know I love you especially because of them. You’ll get there.”

Louis:  "No! You all aren’t even listening to me!" Louis hears you yell from the kitchen and he makes his way to the doorway and stops as the sound of your Mother’s voice. He slowly moves his head to see the stand off you and your parents had got in. You stood hands rapidly moving as you yelled, desperately trying to get your message across whilst your Mum stood with her arms crossed and your Dad in a slow burning rage. The room was suddenly too hot. 

"Alright, here we go again. Honestly, can you just stop it already?" Your Mum complains.

You groan in rage. “I try to tell you. Have a decent conversation about how much I love him and you tell me I’m being silly and naive. It’s not even about this because it happens all the time. You’re always putting me down. Always finding a way to make me feel stupid and redundant.” 

"How dare you talk to me like that." 

"See! There we go, you’re not even listening to what I’m saying to you!" 

Louis hears your Dad’s voice this time. “Do not yell at your Mother like that.” 

"Like you care about anything I do as long as I’m quiet and out of your way. I-I can’t live like this anymore. I can’t sit here and be ignored and be made to feel stupid for just breathing and feeling. I don’t know what else to say anymore." 

"See, see how rude she’s being?" Louis hears your Mum say to your Dad, again ignoring you. Louis steps forward, out of the door way, grabs your arm and starts walking you out the front door without a single word. "Where do you think you’re going?" He hears your Mum yell. 

Louis turns around, chest rising and falling with speed, eyes glaring. He says nothing out of the pure fact that they are your parents, but he holds you close and says, “You are not stupid. You are not redundant or  rude or a waste. You are intelligent, important, kind, you are everything to me. If they can’t see that, see how they hurt you, then they need time to sort themselves out. Let’s go, you don’t need to be here right now.” 

"You can’t just take my daughter away like that!" Your Dad yells, crossing the room and trying to take your arms. You push back into Louis and your Dad looks at you as if he was actually seeing you for the first time. 

Louis turns around in contempt and goes to the door, he doesn’t need to wait for you because you are right behind him, your parents don’t follow and part of you wishes they would despite yourself. 

"I can’t believe they fucking talk to you like that-" Your lips are on Louis’ hot and fast. A thank you that could not be put into words. You sigh against him, noticing the tendrils of smoke your breaths made against the cold, seemingly stretching out against the night sky. Freedom. 

"Just take me away for now." you whisper. 

Still with rage on his lips he kisses you again, breaks and says, “Anything you want.” 

Zayn: Zayn was the only one who understood why you were so quiet. It came off as angry and self-important to everyone, but he knew the curse of just feeling like you didn’t have something to say. You both sat rather awkwardly at the too loud dinner table filled with your family. Everyone wanted to meet Zayn. He was slow to answer questions and played with his scruff a lot when he spoke. Much to the irritation of your Father who could trust no man who couldn’t stand still. Zayn’s eyes kept flickering to you, and noticed on the few occasions you tried to say something but closed your mouth as if thinking better. 

"So Zayn, singing isn’t really a career, it seems good now but have you thought about what to do after?" 

Under the table Zayn feels your hand squeeze his. “Uh…I have a few investments…I do earn quite a lot sir and well it is my career.” 

"Please," You finally speak up loud enough to be heard. "Can we just have a nice dinner?" 

"Sweetheart, I’m just asking a simple question." 

Zayn eyes flicker to you, again noticing you try to speak but then look down at your food. Words lost in an attempt to stand up for him. Zayn saw this, and it broke his heart. You were so brave, so confident and kind with him, but it was like your family took that all from you. You were invisible, outcasted, inadequate for their full attention. Zayn looked at you, and wondered how anyone as precious as you, could be so ousted, so silent, so misunderstood. Zayn is momentarily distracted by your aunts questions as they tumble out one over the other. Intense questions like “Do you sleep with other girls on tour?” “You spend so much time away you must get lonely. Come on, just admit it.” You don’t hear as children are screaming over you, asking why you won’t share Zayn and tossing food about in their tantrums. Neither you or Zayn did well in these kinds of situations. Your family was always overbearing when Zayn came over. Always finding ways to make things uncomfortable and uneasy. Zayn supposed they meant it for the best intentions for you but knew they just didn’t understand similar souls like you and him. Quiet and reserved were not in their nature. So in small gestures like hand squeezes, you both communicated that you were here for each other. That no matter the intensity, you were each others rocks when things got too much. After all, you couldn’t run away from your family. You just had to stick out their storm together. Zayn just hoped that one day they would stop and look at you. 

Niall: Niall is walking past your house just as he hears the door slams and hears you walk out of a flurry of raised voices. He stops, watching you angrily wipe away tears. He sees the surprise when you look up as see him. 

"Niall, what are you doing here?" You question, voice thick with tears. 

"I was uh- just around the neighbourhood…wanting to visit old friends." 

You stare at him , skeptical. “I haven’t spoken to you since the middle of high school, so if you please don’t mind moving out of my gate, I’d like to get far away from here as possible.” 

It was true. Niall hadn’t said but a few handful of words to you since the middle of high school. He always noticed you though. You seemed to have this air of light beauty and happiness. He saw you help kids to classes, study in the library, hang out in laughter with friends. He’d never seen anyone as happy as you. Seeing you now though, still so beautiful yet so sad, he wondered if you ever were really happy at all. 

"Want some company? It’ll take your mind off things." You’re careful. Niall can see all over your face you’re wondering why someone like him would want to keep you company. "I haven’t changed," he added, "my life just got busier." You shrug and walk down the street towards the park, Niall takes that as his invitation to join you. You don’t say anything, so Niall distracts you with talk about his life. How he’s doing, what he’s been up to, what it feels like, just so you don’t have to ask or talk. It was a relief. You found yourself indeed being distracted, his life was so interesting.  You both made it to the park and you sit on the swing and him beside you; "…so yeah, after doing all that always good to come to the family." He sees you shudder then, bought back to reality and you start pushing back and forth on the swing, no longer listening. 

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" He whispers, concerned. 

You shrug and look sideways at him through your hair. “Why would you care?” 

"I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t." 

So you told him. Just because you needed to let it out. You told him about how your younger sister hated you, how she was your Dad’s favourite, how your Mum ignored both of you because she was so wrapped up in your baby brother. You told him that at first it didn’t bother you, as long as the rest were happy. That was before the fighting. When your sister decided you weren’t worth any time and your Dad thought so too. How you struggled with that concept when it was everyone else who received anything before you. There was always yelling, bickering and silence. You didn’t know how it got like this. 
Niall was silent, listening to you speak. He could hear the pain in your voice, how lost you felt and especially how sad. He breathes out your name when you’re finally finished, trying to look desperately for words that would not come. 

"That’s just me. Others have it worse. Thanks for listening." 

So instead, Niall could say the only thing he knew. “I’ve always listened. Not hard enough, because I always thought you were so happy. I listened though. How you would help people during school, study, be so connected with people around you. You may feel horrible, and I don’t know for how long, I don’t blame you. All I can say is that, you have always remained a good person despite it.” 

You blink rapidly at Niall in surprise. “Th- thank you.” 

He looks away from you then, swinging back and forth. “It’s good to be home. Right here.” 

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