One Direction

I'm Brenda's Friend Brittany and these are one direction one shorts and maybe imangies but I am not taking request just yet but will let you know :) I do have these on Quotev and Wattpad and Tumblr.


14. Animal Shelters (all)

Harry: His pout was about to kill you. “Babe, remember what I said? We just came here to look. No adopting.” He purses his lips, clasping his massive hands together. “Look at her! She’s so adorable, please, pretty please, how can you say no to that face?” As if on cue, the kitten jumps into your lap, setting its white mittens onto your chest. It purrs and nuzzles its pink nose into your collar. “You’re a demon,” you whisper in the cat’s ear. “Fine. But you’re cleaning the litter.” Harry pounces on your lips with an excited peck, and in his excitement, knocks over the kitty. “Oh my god, so sorry! So sorry, you know I love you,” he says whilst hugging the furball. You smile, shaking your head.Such a doofus.

Louis: “We’re here!” You push through the door a rabbit in your arm and Louis trailing despondently behind. “Look, buddy, it’s your new home.” “If he pees in his home, he’s going back to the shelter.” The bunny gazed blankly at Louis’ supposed ‘death glare.’ You laughed and handed him the pet. “Don’t kill him while I shower, okay?” “No promises,” he calls after you. But maybe there is a promise, you think to yourself as you stand in the doorway later, watching his oblivious back as he touches the rabbit’s head. “Don’t worry about that smelly shelter anymore, bud. Daddy’s going to take good care of you… Mommy too. She’s the best. Just don’t get her angry, and you’ll do fine.”

Liam: "Are you serious? We don’t have time to see puppies, the boys are waiting and we’re already late-" "I spend every breathing hour of my life with them! I doubt an hour or two is gonna break up the band." He parks and literally hauls you out of the car, carrying you bridal-style to the shelter.  Needless to say, you end up skipping the dinner entirely. Instead, a little pup with big brown eyes and too big paws yawns in the curve of your stomach, Li spooning you from behind. "Y’know, he looks jus’ like you," you say. He smiles, and kisses your neck. "Good. Then he’ll watch over you when I can’t.”

Niall: He’s reading off names of the different dogs in the kennels when words come out. “I like you.” They’re sandwiched between ‘Dachshund’ and ‘Lab,’ but you hear it perfectly. “What?” And then the blush- a signature of the Irish- darkens his cheeks by twenty shades and he’s trying to grin, trying to act like he meant to say it and it was cool, but his fingers are clutching the hem of his hoodie like it’s his lifesaver. “I like you, Y/N. A lot. Shit, I promised myself I wouldn’t be nervous and I thought I wouldn’t be but this is fuc-“ You jump on him then, legs wrapped around his waist, arms around neck, and lips against perfect, him lips. And you swear that at that moment, a round of approving barks rings throughout the room.

Zayn: The shell feels rough, almost, brushing against the pads of your fingers. He’s humming quietly beside you, one hand at your back and the other caressing the protective gear for the turtle. “Who would’ve thought this tiny little girl would be at an animal shelter?” you said quietly. His lips form the ghost of a smile, but somehow it’s better than a big one. With Zayn, subtle was real, and the look in his brown eyes told you he was glad the odds were in their favor. “Let’s take her home, yeah?”

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