Bringing Her Back The Hunger Games

Glimmer and Cato have just won the 74th Hunger Games. They are both from district 1. Little do they know, the quarter quell has a big surprise incoming. They are hunters, human and animal wise. Will Cato and Glimmer realize their feelings for eachother? Can they both survive again? But, its the Hunger Games, and no one is safe.


4. Training

Catos P.O.V. I was thrilled to have Glimmer as my girlfriend, but what was Panem expecting? Interwiews were coming up in 3 days, the capitol was insisted to find out our relationship, we couldn't hide it of course. After a long night of fighting with myself, I decided to tell about our relationship at the interwiew, on live TV, with Caesar Flickerman. As I agreed to my actions, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

I woke up, half expecting to be at the interwiew, but relaxed when I was still in bed. The ceiling had changed from saying District 1 Glimmer and Cato, to TRAINING. Yes! I can finally show off my sick sword abilites. Careers were different from the poor districts, the ones that were to afraid to act cocky and show the weapon they were good with. We weren't afraid to show the tributes that we were fierce, blood thirsty, strong, and fast. I knew Glimmer would change from her girly self to the strong, fast, cocky girl. I loved that smirk on her face at training in school when we were younger, when she made the kids jaw drop when she had hit 25 arrows to the target. I dragged myself out of bed, smiling at the memory and changed into the provided outfit I was expected to wear. Black pants, a black and red shirt and a number imprinted on them. District 1 is what it said. I also had my name stitched onto the back of the shirt, Cato. I noticed Glimmer wasn't in the bed, so I got dressed and walked into the kitchen. Red walls, glossy brown wooden floors and some crinkled red chairs and table sat in the middle of the kitchen. Glimmer sat, eating buttermilk pancakes and whipped creeam. She wore the same as me, her long blonde hair was pulled into a straightened ponytail, with a red headband. Her blue eyes were shining brightly, and her long, thick eyelashes were curled, making them almost reach her eyebrows. I finished up my breakfast quickly, since Abe told us we were leaving. Abe grabbed Glimmer's and I's hand and dragged us to the training center, talk about patience. "Alright, show em' what you got. Make alliances, act like you guys are the boss. Good luck!" Abe pep talked us. Glimmer and I walked into the training center, 1 minute late. "Hello, I'm Ceufera. I'm your Traing Teacher, so follow my rules. Rule number 1, don't fight with other tributes. There will be plenty of time for that in the arena. Rule number 2, listen to the things I'm telling you. It causes dramtatic effects in your abilities in weapon using, hand to hand kombat and poison detecting. You may go to any of the stations, begin." Ceufera had brown skin, with unusual hazel eyes with a green ring. She had short, black hair that was in a small loose ponytail. I stared at he eyes for the 7th time and then walked over to Glimmer. "Hey Glim." I interupt her conversation with, Clove I think? "Hey Cato. You remember Clove? She was the victor for the 73rd Hunger Games. She's 17. Oh, and by the way Clove, I'm 18, same as Cato over here," Glimmer explains.Clove was drooling over me, I have that effect on girls. "Yeah, Glimmer here is MY girlfriend." I say, directing it to Marvel, who was in District 2. I remember him winning whit Clove in the 73rd Hunger Games, what an annoying bitch. Marvel was google eyed over Glimmer, who squinted her eyes at him. She shrugged at me, signaling that he was weird. "So, guys, we are in an alliance right/ But, only until the end. Only one district can win." I say. Yep, a new rule change. After 74 Hunger Games, they finally let 2 people from the same district win. I take in my surroundings, noticing Peeta failing at his attempt to climb a tree. Thresh, is knot tying, which he isn't bad at. Katniss is helping Peeta up, noticing the smug mock Marvel, Glim and I give him. He looks hurt, as if he's about to cry. "Hey, Peeta, come here!" Glimmer calls out to him. He cautiously walks over, probably afraid to disobey. "Yes, Glimmer?" He askes, scared. "Tell your friend over there, Katniss, that we are killing her first." Glimmer smirks. "Why?" Peeta asks. "Cus, she's ugly and she ruined our time of laughter by helping you up. And just cus you bruised your leg from falling, doesn't mean you should cry." Glimmer mocks. Peet storms off, limping. We all start laughing, pointing at the awful tributes. Finally, we decide to show everypne our strenghts. Ceufera calls everyone to the bow and arrow section, Glimmer cheers. We line up, Glimmer last, and take turns hitting the dumby in the middle of the training center. Everyone sucks at it, always missing the target. Soon, Glimmer grabs a bow and a sheath of arrows and aims toward the heart of the dumby, and releases the arrow. The arrow pierces the heart, as aimed, and the hit makes everyone shocked. Glimmer smirks, and sashays to the sword fighting area, where everyone is waiting. Glimmer was second to last, where I was last. Glim was really good at using the sword, but she won't admit it. When her turn comes up, she confidently grabs a sharp pointed silver sword and slices the dumby in half. I can do a bit better. I grab the longest, thickest sword and cut to dumbys in half, all in one swipe. I find out Clove is perry useful at knives, whereas Marvels a whiz with spears. A good alliance, if you ask me. I have the sword, the looks, the strength, where Glimmer has the looks, speed, and bow, causing sponsors to pour gifts on us. This will be a good Hunger Games.

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