Bringing Her Back The Hunger Games

Glimmer and Cato have just won the 74th Hunger Games. They are both from district 1. Little do they know, the quarter quell has a big surprise incoming. They are hunters, human and animal wise. Will Cato and Glimmer realize their feelings for eachother? Can they both survive again? But, its the Hunger Games, and no one is safe.


2. The Reaping

Catos P.O.V. We were going into the Hunger Games, again! With Katniss, and Peeta and Clove, and Thresh! We were all victors! ( A/N I'm not using the real victors, it sounds cooler using the original people.) Claya Farner was our mentor, and she was tough. Short, choppy brown hair and a muscular frame, we were lucky to get a good teacher. The reaping was awful, Abe Flatman was our reaper dude. I really don't pay attention to what they call the people that announce the tributes, but Abe did. Abe had reddish hair, definetely a wig. His eyes were green, and like a cats eye. Or a snake. Anyway he said who our tributes were in these exact words, "The living victors from all of Panem are participating in this years Hunger Games, or as us Capitol people say, The Quarter Quell. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor." I mimicked his fake capitol accent, you could smack the guy. His artificial cologne was nasty, it smelled like a mixture of mint and lavender, such a girly smell. All I could think of when Abe said the tributes was: Glimmer.

Still Catos P.O.V. Glimmer and I ignored the food on the train, the luxory of the train, and the capitol view from the train, we cuddled up against eachother and slept on the dulcet cusiony seats. We slept until we reached the capitol, and Claya woke us. Startled by her, I sat up and almost hit her in the face. "Cato, calm down. If your going to win this, you can't get scared so easily." Claya said, frustrated I snapped at her. "I wasn't scared! You capitol people are morons!" I barked at Claya. "Alright, whatever. You start training tomorrow, and we are here. We get 1st floor, since we are the best district. Wake up Glimmer, and get settled in your room. And don't talk to me like that Cato. I could crush you." I rolled my eyes at her comment, and carried Glimmer to our room. The place had cream colored walls, with a sparkling clean carpet. There was a green screen hanging from the ceiling, and a remote sitting on a black bucolic nightstand. The best part is, there was only one bed. Guess I was sleeping with Glimmer. Technically, this was the awesomest part of my day. Glimmer is pretty much my girlfriend, but I haven't asked her. Maybe I will when she comes back from changing into her PJs. I would watch her, just kidding. I'm not perverted. Claya told us they weren't doing chariots this year, I wasn't sad. Glimmer came back, and I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her under the covers. "Will you be my girlfriend?' I aksed, unsure. "Of course." Glimmer answered.

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