Bringing Her Back The Hunger Games

Glimmer and Cato have just won the 74th Hunger Games. They are both from district 1. Little do they know, the quarter quell has a big surprise incoming. They are hunters, human and animal wise. Will Cato and Glimmer realize their feelings for eachother? Can they both survive again? But, its the Hunger Games, and no one is safe.


1. The Quarter Quell

Glimmers P.O.V.

I wake up to the crestfallen weather, feeling a breeze rush through the open window. I sit up, thinking about the reaping. Who will I mentor? How is Cato? I love him. Not the brother kind of love, the relationship kind. The Hunger Games last year was when I realized I had fallen for him, the kissing, the hugging, the snuggling, him saving me. After the games, he told me something I'll never forget.


"Glimmer! Hey, wait up." Cato laughed. We were racing towards our camp, and I was beating him. "So, you admit I'm faster then you?" I giggled. "Nope, but you are a speed demon." Cato chuckled. "Whatever." I retorted. He put his arm around me, and his face was inches from mine. "You know, ever since we were in training together at school, 11 maybe, I have loved you." Cato whispered. I couldn't handle it, I kissed him. Hard. But then someone snuck up on me, Thresh I think. He hit me in the head with a stone, bread sized. I was knocked out for 4 days, until Cato nursed me back from the dead. I'll never forget what he said about loving me.


I sighed at the memory, that was last year. I talk to Cato everyday, he always blushes around me. Which is NOT something he does around girls he doesn't like. Maybe he has the same feelings as I do. Doubting my thoughts, I get dressed, looking nicer then usual for the reaping. A dress, with gold sequins and blue sparkles. Since I won the games, I was so rich, I got clothes from the capitol. Even makeup! I pulled a pair of gold high heels out of my closet, struggling to get them out. I walk into my bathroom, which was very future like. A running sink, and even a shower with settings for water pressure, and a blow dryer that dries you off and fragrances that spray when you walk out of the bath. I put on eloquence makeup, consisting gold eyeshadow that brushed against my blue eyes and some black eyeliner and mascara. I looked like I worked for the capitol, but honestly, I did. My blonde hair was curled in beachy waves that reached my midback, my hair had grown since the games. I walked to Cato's house in the Victors Village and knocked on his door.

Catos P.O.V. I woke up, desultory walking into the shower and refreshing my mind. I loved Glimmer, and she acts like she loves me back. Its the day of the reaping, and I'm so not prepared. I sluggishly got out of the shower, pulling on my outfit set out for me. A suit from the capitol. A gold and blue tie, Glimmer was wearing those colors. I pulled on the attire, taking my time. I combed my blonde hair and heard the doorbell ding through my home. Glimmer was waiting outside, looking so beautiful. I snaked my arm around her waist, and walked to District 1 town square.

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