My World

We've been running for my whole life, my mom, my dad,my sister, and I. Finally we stopped. We've been stopped for four months now, that's the longest I've been in a town. I thought when we were running I would bump into some one but it was when I stopped. I have had to be on the move for fourteen out of my eighteen years alive. It all started when my sister, Bella and I saw her get killed, Murdered. I never thought this small town would change my life. Its when you walk when you meet people not when you run, running is only for avoiding. If it never happened I would have never met Him. I don't know him well but I know a lot one fact is he is a part of a band called One Direction. Heard of it?


1. The Start

It all started when I was four and Bell, my sister was 7, we were walking in the park she was baby sitting me while our mom went across the street to get grilled cheese sandwiches and what I thought were 'Girled Cheese sandwiched'.  My world was normal then, we were running to the see saw when we heard a scream, Bell thought it was her friends sister so we went to check it out.  That's when I saw him, at the time he was her boyfriend, he was standing over her then he saw us.  He had a knife in his hand and started walking toward us he had grabbed Bell's arm and said, "It will only hurt for a second then it will go a-"

Our mother had saved us by calling our names she caught a glimpse of him with the bloody knife and now he is after us because he doesn't want us to give him away to the cops.  He had faked his death and we all knew because we saw him following us two years after he "died".  We haven't seen him in six months but he could show up any day.

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