Eye on You

He can be sweet. But don't let that fool you. He can be controlling, he can be abusive, he will make you fall for him.. Till you are trapped. You wanna leave but you cant. When Kayla gets caught up in the fantasy of Justin Bieber... Things turn dark. Bullied, school slut, mom trapped in prison, dead ex boyfriend... She ain't letting no one near her. Especially the eye candy Justin Bieber. But when she finds herself pregnant... She knows avoiding him will be impossible unless she disappears. But Justin's got an Eye on You and is determined to find her...


31. Why you gotta be like this

Everybody was leaving I had to grab Kayla and talk to her before she leaves. I grabbed her arm, " Kayla wait." I said. 
She turned around with a questioning look on her face. 
" Ya?" She asked. 
" Can you stay for a minute?" I asked. 
" Uh ya I guess." She said. 
I closed the door. 
"You can take a chair or something?" I said. 
" Well it's kinda late, so please make it quick." She replied. 
"Who's... Is... She...Why... " I stumbled and ran my hands through my hair not sure how to put it. 
" Um well I'm gonna go." She said and turned towards the door. 
" No Kayla wait please!" I yelled.
" Spit it out!" She yelled. 
" Fine.Is... Is Ashlynn mine?" I asked. Relived I finally said it. 
" Excuse me?" She spat.
" Am I her father?" I asked again.
" I don't see this as your business " she said and ran her hand through her long brown hair. 
" This is my fucking business." I yelled. Shit shit. Why did I yell at her.
" Seriously Justin! This is why I'm not telling you! You're so immature!" She yelled and threw her hands up in the air.
" Says you!" I spat. 
Her eyebrows furrowed together. 
" Im leaving!" She Said. 
" No Kayla please I didn't mean that! Just am I the father?" I pleaded. 
She rolled her eyes " No you're not!" She said and slammed the door shut on her way out.

Kayla's POV: 

I guess I couldn't say I didn't see it coming. Justin was gonna ask sooner or later. But ahh! He's such a dick and still so immature! Whatever. I told him she isn't his. Even though she is his daughter. Who cares anymore. I finally have my life together, I'm not letting anything ruin it. That includes Justin. I still can't believe he actually found me! My thoughts drifted to Mark. He was taking me out for my 21st birthday tonight. I need to talk to him about us. I don't know what he sees me as. Am I a friend? More? 

" Hey Kirsten! Come in!" I smiled. She was babysitting Ashlynn tonight for me. 
"Ashlynn is watching a movie." I said. 
" Good. Because I wanna talk to you." She said, flipping her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder.
" Okay. Would you like a drink?" I asked. 
" Ah sure, thanks. But I'm wondering you and Justin? What's with you guys? I mean you seem to hate him? But c'mon I see how he looks at you?" She said. 
I took a deep breath and moaned in frustration. How do I put this?
" Um I'm just going say it's complicated." I said. 
" Well tell me. I wanna know. I need to know." She said. 
" Okay well you cannot tell a single person!!" I replied. 
" Lips sealed." She said. 
"Well to cut to the juice, because the rest is confusing as fuck. Justin is Ashlynn's dad." I said. 
Her eyes got huge and she chocked on her drink. 
" What?!" She yelled. 
" Ya ah it's complicated." I squeaked. 
" Fuck. Why didn't you tell me?" She asked. 
" I didn't tell anybody." I said. 
" Not even Justin?" She asked. 
" Nope!" I said. 

I slipped into a aqua dress with a golden brown belt around the waist. Curled my long chocolate brown hair. Slipped on my platform heels. A squirt of perfume and I'm ready for dinner. I heard a knock at the door I walked quickly opening it. 
" Hey you look amazing!" Mark grinned. 
" Thanks so do you!" I smiled. 
He leaned in and kissed my check. 
" Kirsten! We are leaving!" I yelled. 
Mark intertwined his fingers in mine and we are on our way. 

Justin's POV: 

It's stressing me out. I mean I really kinda wanted Ashlynn to be mine. Fuck! Now she's never gonna talk to me. Why do I always do that. Can't screw up anymore than I already have. I'm going to her room. I checked out my reflection in the mirror. Looking good. I slipped on my supras and walked down to her dorm. 
I knocked. 
Kirsten came to the door. 
" Oh hey." I said. 
She smiled at me. " Looking for Kayla?" She asked. 
" Ya." I said. 
" Shes out with Mark. It's her birthday." She said. 
Shit. What's with him n her? 
" Justin!!" I heard a little girl yell. 
I peeked in the door to see Ashlynn smiling wide. 
" Come here ya cutie!" I grinned. 
She ran to my arms her brown hair flying behind her. I picked her up and spun her around. She started giggling. Kirsten was smiling watching us. I put her down and she ran back to her room. 
" She sure likes you!" Kirsten poked me. 
" Ya I guess she does." I said. That made me smile. Having Kayla's daughter like me? That's great! It's fucking awesome. 
" Kirsten do you know if her n Mark are together?" I asked. 
She smirked at me. 
" Why you wanna know?" She asked. 
" I just do!" I said. 
" Well I honestly don't know!" She replied.
" C'mon she's your best friend! You've gotta know something!" I yelled.
" Well she has never mentioned him so  I guess maybe she doesn't see him that way?" She said. 
" Has she mentioned me?" I wondered
"Justin seriously I don't know! You and Kayla need to get your shit figured out!" She yelled. 
I heard a little girls cry. 
Kirsten ran her hands through her hair and I stared at her with an alarmed face. 
" Well go see what's wrong she's your daughter!!" Kirsten yelled. 
Her hands flew to her mouth and her eyes got huge realizing what she just said. 

** A/N** Okay so I'm having second thoughts about this story, I don't know if I want to continue with it? I might end it, I'm not sure. 

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