Eye on You

He can be sweet. But don't let that fool you. He can be controlling, he can be abusive, he will make you fall for him.. Till you are trapped. You wanna leave but you cant. When Kayla gets caught up in the fantasy of Justin Bieber... Things turn dark. Bullied, school slut, mom trapped in prison, dead ex boyfriend... She ain't letting no one near her. Especially the eye candy Justin Bieber. But when she finds herself pregnant... She knows avoiding him will be impossible unless she disappears. But Justin's got an Eye on You and is determined to find her...


27. She's Gone



This can't be happening. I rubbed the sides of my head. I can't be pregnant!! Something inside me clicked though. I realized I had to stop the smoking, clubbing, pointless sex, eating disorder. EVERYTHING. It had to go. I was gonna make myself better. For this baby. It can't have a terrible mother. I need to clean up for this kid. 

It was Saturday so I had a whole day to figure out how I was gonna get this show on the road. Yep I had decided that if I stayed things would get worse. And that's not what I needed. This baby is gonna give me a fresh start. I'm leaving town. House is up for sale. I'm packing the things I really need everything else is staying. All I know is Justin cannot find out where I am and that this baby is his. 

I packed the last of my things in the car. I am on my way. Time for a new life. I contacted the school, they know I'm leaving. Other than that no one knows. Except Mellissa ( my only friend) she had to know. One last glance at the house, I took a deep breath and drove off. 

Justin's POV: 
It has been a couple days since Kayla and I kinda hooked up. I feel bad though. I mean I didn't force her into it and it's not like we haven't had sex before but still. Something inside me is telling me it was wrong. I haven't seen her at school at all. Maybe I should stop at her house. 
" Hey Mellissa! Wait up!" I called.
She turned around. 
" Oh hi Justin." She said. 
" Have you talked to Kayla?" I asked. 
She started looking around, " Um no why?" She asked. 
" Well she hasn't been at school?" I said. 
She gulped, " Ya I know, could be sick. " she said. 
" Ya maybe. Thanks Mellissa." I said. 
" Ya no problem." She said. 
Wait. Why was Mellissa acting all strange. It's not like her. She's loud and crazy. Carries a conversation with anyone! Weird...

I pulled up to her house. Wait what? A for sale sign? She's selling her house? I jogged up to the door. Locked of course. Her car isn't even here. I climbed up the tree by her bedroom window. The window slid open and I climbed in. Damn I'm good! I said chuckling to myself. Wait? What the fuck? Where's everything? I walked to her closet and peeked in. Nothing. It's all gone. I noticed a crumpled up piece of paper thrown across the room. I unfolded it and began reading:

I don't know how to put this. I can't take the bullying and other shit anymore. I'm changing. I have to. I've come to that choice. I decided to leave town. Start over. New people. New life. That's my goal. I don't like who I used to be. Getting drunk, smoking, starving,  sex. I'm all so done with it. I'm having a new life. Somewhere else. Don't bother calling me, I've changed my number. I hope you can find a good girl. Don't worry about me I'm gonna eventually be happy. This is my last goodbye. 
- Kayla 

Some words were scribbled out, I could tell she decided not to give me it. But I couldn't help it I slumped on the floor and cried. I've never felt this way about anyone and now in a blink of an eye. She's gone. And I have no way of finding her... 

**A/N** On Monday I'm leaving to go camping in a different country. Soo I will have no wifi for 10 days!!! It sucks that I won't be able to update! But please please don't unfavourite! I promise when I get back ill update! THIS STORY IS NOT OVER!!! 
I might have one last update before I leave but please hang in there!! Thank uuu I love u alllll :) 

Fact #2: I play the sport Ringette!! 

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