Eye on You

He can be sweet. But don't let that fool you. He can be controlling, he can be abusive, he will make you fall for him.. Till you are trapped. You wanna leave but you cant. When Kayla gets caught up in the fantasy of Justin Bieber... Things turn dark. Bullied, school slut, mom trapped in prison, dead ex boyfriend... She ain't letting no one near her. Especially the eye candy Justin Bieber. But when she finds herself pregnant... She knows avoiding him will be impossible unless she disappears. But Justin's got an Eye on You and is determined to find her...


33. Lying

My hand intertwined in Mark's as we got to my door. He turned me around, 
" Thanks for tonight." I smiled. 

" You are special Kayla. Anything for you." He whispered. 

Before I realized his lips were on mine. I was shocked and didn't know how to react. But when his hand on my waist pulled me closer, I found myself kissing him back. 

Justin's POV: 

I was supposed to put Ashlynn to bed after Kirsten left. But she had fallen asleep on the couch here, so I just stayed not wanting to wake her. 
I heard voices and slowly stood up peeking out the window near the door. They were kissing! His hand went to her waist pulling her in. Fuck. Apparently she likes him, because they are definitely kissing. I ran my hands through my hair, letting out a groan, walking back to the couch. I heard the door open, there stood Kayla with a surprised look on her face.

" Justin? What are you doing?!" Kayla asked. 

" Laying with my daughter." I said and raised my eyebrows at her. 

Her cheeks turned red and she had and her eyes got huge. 

" Justin-" she began. 

" Thanks for uh lying to me." I said. 

" Justin! It's not easy!!" She yelled. 

I put my fingers to my lips and pulled her outside the door. 

" Wanna explain why you didn't tell me?" I asked crossing my arms. 

" This is why! You weren't fit to be a dad and I can see you still aren't!" She yelled. 

" You've never given me a fucking chance! You're just stubborn!" I yelled. 

"Justin can you not see all you have ever done is caused problems!" Who pressured me to cheat on my bf? Who didn't see what was going on with Kayla? Who got in a fight with Markus? Who took advantage of a drunken girl? Who ended up getting her pregnant? You! Justin! You have always caused problems I don't want that for my daughter!" She said. 

" Our daughter! You don't understand how much I need this Kayla! Please! I -I love you." I spoke. 

We were interrupted when Ashlynn stood by the door staring at us. Kayla walked over picking her up. 

" Nothing sweetie. Justin's leaving now." She said. Before closing the door in my face. 

* A/ N* I'm so so so so sorry for the wait!!! Please comment! And tell me what ya think of Slave for the Rhythm? 

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