Eye on You

He can be sweet. But don't let that fool you. He can be controlling, he can be abusive, he will make you fall for him.. Till you are trapped. You wanna leave but you cant. When Kayla gets caught up in the fantasy of Justin Bieber... Things turn dark. Bullied, school slut, mom trapped in prison, dead ex boyfriend... She ain't letting no one near her. Especially the eye candy Justin Bieber. But when she finds herself pregnant... She knows avoiding him will be impossible unless she disappears. But Justin's got an Eye on You and is determined to find her...


30. Lets Talk

She didn't even look at me the whole lunch. When you haven't seen the one you love in so long, you're expecting a better hello than that! Hell, she didn't even say hello. This was gonna be harder than I thought. Everyone else seemed to like me then there was Kayla. 

It was Friday so the week was over and we were walking back to the dorms when I had an idea. I'll invite em  all over to my mansion for pizza and a beer. She's bond to come now. 
" Hey guys you wanna come to my house, order a pizza or something?" I asked. 
" Im in." Josh said. 
" Aren't we all in?" Kirsten laughed. 
" Definitely!" Mark said and put his arm around Kayla. Why did a small gesture like that make my blood boil? I brushed it off. We got to the dorms and Kayla was about to go inside. 
" Aren't you coming?" Josh asked. 
" Nah Ashlynn would appreciate me staying." She replied. 
Ok who the hell is Ashlynn?!
" I'm sure Justin wouldn't mind?" Kirsten said. 
Mark pinched her sides and she giggled. 
" C'mon Kayla." He teased. 
She smiled. " Fine." She said. 
" But can we stop at Morgans to pick Ashlynn up?" She asked. 
" Ya!" Josh said. 

I leaned into him, " Who's Ashlynn?" I asked. 
" Kayla's daughter! Gosh she's adorable, you'll love her!" He grinned. 
" Shes got a daughter?" I asked. 
" Ya believe it! I was surprised at first too." He said. 
" How old is she?" I asked. 
" Ah... 4? Ya she's 4!" He replied. 
Wait. She has a daughter? A 4 year old daughter? Wow.

Kayla's POV: 
I didn't really like the idea of going to Justin's but I mean c'mon Ashlynn will like seeing everybody and of course they all love her so whatever. 
Mark runs over and picks Ashlynn up she giggles. He starts asking her about her day. She really likes that. You know I haven't really seen Mark as anymore than just a good friend. But lately I can see him as playing a good father to Ashlynn. I don't know. Maybe not. Everybody's got a beer. 
Josh offers me one I turn it down. I don't drink much. Especially not in front of Ashlynn. I tried telling her alcohol Isn't a good thing. 
" Have a beer Kayla!" Kirsten urges. I shake my head.
" Mommy says drinking isn't good." Ashlynn says her green eyes shining. 
Kirsten smiles and takes her hand. 

We eat, talk, it's actually not that bad. Justin's house is breathtaking just like I imagined. 
" Mommy I wanna go swimming!" Ashlynn begged me. 
" Honey I don't think Justin-" I was cut off by Justin " Nah it's all good!" He smiled at her. 
She ran into his arms hugging him which only made him smile wider. 
" Wait up Ashlynn! I'm watching you, you better be careful!" I yelled. 


Justin's POV: 

The look on Ashlynn's face  when i agreed to let her swim in my pool. It was perfect! She's such a little cutie. 
While Kayla and Ashlynn were swimming Ryan and Fredo came over. 
" Is that Kayla?" Ryan asked. 
" Yep." I replied, cracking open a beer. 
" Wow she looks good!" He grinned. 
I scolded him. 
" I'm just commenting and I meant because before she had her hair chopped off and was skinny as a toothpick. " Ryan said. 
" Ya she's got some lovely curves going on. And that wavy brown hair. Damn." Fredo said. 
" Fuck you! No beer for you!" I yelled. 
Ryan and Fredo fist bumped. 
I ran my hands through my hair. 
" Wait who's the little girl?" Ryan asked. 
" That's Ashlynn. Her daughter." I said. 
" Wait? She has a daughter?!" Fredo asked. 
" Yep and no I didn't know she did." I said taking a swing from my beer.   
" She looks pretty cute. How old?" Ryan asked. 
" 4 I think? Ya 4." I replied. 
Then I let my eyes focus on Kayla who was splashing around in the water. Laughing, huge smile. Gosh she was gorgeous. Especially now that she gained that weight back, grew her hair out. She's a whole new person I thought. But still reminds me of the girl I knew before all that shit happened. She's perfect. 

" Justin! Justin. Hello?" Fredo waved a hand in front of my face. 
Whoops I was dreaming. 
" Still dreams about her." Ryan joked. 
" Shut up." I smirked.
" Justin did you and Kayla ever have sex?" Fredo asked. 
" Ya." I replied. 
Remembering all the amazing moments we had. How amazing and beautiful she was. Ah stop it Justin. 
They both exchanged glances.
" Justin have you ever thought about it. I mean c'mon Ashlynn is 4. You and Kayla were together 4 years ago." Ryan said. 
I bit my lip. I had never thought of that. 
" Ah I doubt it. " I mumbled. 
" Maybe you should talk to her." Fredo suggested. 
" She won't fucking talk to me!" I yelled. 
" Well she's at your house." Ryan stated. 
" Only because that guy over there told her to come." I moaned. 
" They together?" Fredo asked. 
" How should I fucking know?" I hissed. 
" Dude chill." Ryan said. 
" I can't! The thought that I might have a daughter! And that I missed out on the first 4 years of her life!" I complained. 
I placed my face in my hands. 
" Try. All you can do is try and talk to her. " Ryan said and patted my back. 

**A/N** Im back!!! Ok so good news I had time to write 4 chapters maybe it was 3? Ahaha anyways I'm working on the next one too! Plus im getting an idea for maybe a sequel to my movella Fall? maybe i dont know i wanna finish Eye On You first! Please please comment!!!! 

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