Eye on You

He can be sweet. But don't let that fool you. He can be controlling, he can be abusive, he will make you fall for him.. Till you are trapped. You wanna leave but you cant. When Kayla gets caught up in the fantasy of Justin Bieber... Things turn dark. Bullied, school slut, mom trapped in prison, dead ex boyfriend... She ain't letting no one near her. Especially the eye candy Justin Bieber. But when she finds herself pregnant... She knows avoiding him will be impossible unless she disappears. But Justin's got an Eye on You and is determined to find her...


26. Is this real?

I grabbed my joints off the counter and stuffed em in my purse. 
" You're smoking that?" Justin asked. 
" Yep." I replied, not looking at him. 
I heard him let out a sigh. 
" I don't want any crap from you all night!" I said. 
" Fine." He mumbled. 

For some reason I really wanted to piss Justin off. So once at the club I got a drink and lit a blunt. I knew he didn't want me smoking. Then after I was beginning to feel a little drunk I adjusted my dress so my cleavage was popping out, then I made my way to the dance floor. A guy came over and he wasn't actually that bad looking. He was behind me as I moved my hips his hands were squeezing my waist. I saw Justin watching us so I tilted my head back and the guy placed his lips on my neck. Another guy came and starting dancing from the front of me. I placed my arms around his neck. This was getting good! The guy from behind me wrapped his arms around me and began waking toward the door. 
" Baby my hotel isn't far from here." He whispered in my ear. 
We kept walking. I could use something to get my mind off things. I heard Justin's voice. " Kayla don't you dare leave with him." He yelled. 
" Justin piss off! I'm having fun!" I yelled and flipped him the finger. I continued walking with the guy. 
" Kayla you are drunk." Justin yelled. 
" When will you leave me alone! I'm 17! " I said. 
Justin threw me over his shoulder. 
" Justin! Put me down!" I screamed. 
" Nope! And u can go to hell!" Justin yelled at the guy I was with. 

We get back to the house and I trug up the steps. This night was boring, tried getting my mind off things and nope. Back to where I was. Whatever...

Justin's POV: 

Gosh she's so stupid. She wasn't like this before I mean she was going home with some random guy, which I don't think she even knew his name. 
Kayla is currently lying faceplant on her bed. 
" Kayla you should maybe change and go to bed." I say. 
She moans but then stands up, almost falling over in the process. 
" Justin can u unzip me please?" She asks. 
I walk over and unzip the dress revealing black lacy underwear. She steps out of the dress and I try my best not to stare. How much weight has she lost? I couldn't help but notice when she bent down how much her spine stuck out. 
Then she does the unexpected, she stumbles over to me wraps her arms tightly around my neck. 

I'm kissing Kayla. 

We are not stoping. 

I want her. She wants me. 

Our clothes are flung around the room.

Is this really gonna happen? 

Kayla's POV: 

I woke up with a pounding headache. 
What even happened last night? I fling the covers off to discover I'm butt naked. My stomach drops. I dare to look beside me. Who was it? Justin. Justin?! Oh no! No no! This can't be real. I know this wasn't our first time but still. I was ashamed of myself. But then again, he obviously took advantage of me being drunk. That little shit! I put on my clothes as fast as I could then I woke Justin up. 
He rolled over and stretched his arms behind his head. Those muscles. 
Snap outta it. 
" Hey Kayla." He mumbled. 
"Get up!" I yelled. 
" Relax." He said. 
I flung the blankets off him. Whoop. That really exposed him. I wiped them back on. He noticed my expression and smirked at me. 
" Justin this isn't funny. Get up!" I growled. 
He chuckled and got up putting his clothes on. 

I pushed him out the door,  " Text me!" He yelled. 
" You wish!" I yelled back. 
You know I was starting to believe what everyone was saying about me. I mean c'mon... I'm a complete wreck. 

2 weeks later: 
I took one last glance at my calendar. This line was pounding in my head: 
I'm late
I'm late
I'm late
I peed on the stick and closed my eyes I couldn't look. Nope couldn't do it. I brought it in my vision and slowly peeked my eyes open. I thought I was gonna be sick. 

I'm pregnant. 

** A/N** Shes pregnant!! And u do all know it's Justin's baby right? So one more chapter and then a flash forward 4 years! I'm not sure if u guys have gotten tired of this story? But id appreciate if u comment. Lets me know u guys still are enjoying it. 
Thanks :)

And here's my first fact: Im from western Canada! 

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