Eye on You

He can be sweet. But don't let that fool you. He can be controlling, he can be abusive, he will make you fall for him.. Till you are trapped. You wanna leave but you cant. When Kayla gets caught up in the fantasy of Justin Bieber... Things turn dark. Bullied, school slut, mom trapped in prison, dead ex boyfriend... She ain't letting no one near her. Especially the eye candy Justin Bieber. But when she finds herself pregnant... She knows avoiding him will be impossible unless she disappears. But Justin's got an Eye on You and is determined to find her...


29. Hopes Dying

Kayla's POV: 

Mark pinched my sides and I giggled. He smiled at me " Guess who's gonna be 21 soon!" He said. 
I laughed at him! Yep it was almost my 21st birthday! 
" You do realize Mark here is gonna throw you a huge party!" Kirsten laughed. 
I smiled, " Thanks but no thanks! I'd be good with a nice dinner." I said. 
" C'mon have you ever been to a party? You gotta have a big party." Josh said. 
I gulped, " You don't even know." I said and stood up and left. Leaving them all with surprised expressions. 
It's true though they don't understand. I heard foot steps behind me I turned and saw Mark. 
" Look Kayla I'm sorry. You don't need a party. If you don't like parties that's okay. Why don't I take you out to a nice supper?" He asked. 
I thought for a minute before answering him, " That would be nice." I said and smiled at him. 
" Good. I found this new really good restaurant!" He exclaimed. 
I laughed at him, " You're like a little kid." I joked. 
" Is that a compliment?" He asked. 
" Hmm." I said. 
He ran behind me and pinched my sides making me laugh. 
" Mark! Mark! Stop!" I giggled. 
He flashed me a smile, " Piggy back?" He asked. 
I climbed on his back and he ran down the hallway to my dorm. I was laughing, people gave us funny looks making us both laugh even more. 
" Ok Mark put me down!" I said. 
He spun me in a circle. 
" Mark put me down!" I yelled. 
Then I had a flashback of when I was yelling at Justin to put me down. The same night I got pregnant. Shut up mind! Justin's long gone! But the whole night that's all that was on my mind... 

Justin's POV: 
My whole teams jaws dropped when I told them my decision to go to school. But this was the only way I was gonna actually spend anytime with Kayla. My first day was tomorrow and honestly I couldn't wait. I mean 4 years! That's a long fucking time to me! I wondered what she would do when she saw me? What she would say? I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, all questions would soon be answered. 

" Hey you're Justin Bieber right?" This dude came and slapped my hand. 
I laughed. " Ya that's me!" I said. 
" What ya doin here?" Josh asked me. I scratched the back of my neck. 
" Here you can come sit with me at lunch if ya want?" He offered. 
" Sure why not?" I asked. 
" Wait till the girls found out I picked up Justin Bieber?!" He joked. 
I laughed. This guy seemed pree cool. But I really wanted to find Kayla. I didn't see her at all during the day. 
We got to the cafeteria, still no sign of her. 
" Hey look who I found?" Josh joked. I sat down and began talking with all his friends. Then I turned my head to see a stunning brunette with blue eyes about to sit down. We made eye contact and she raised her eyebrow. 
" Hey Kayla meet Just- Wait do you know each other?" Josh asked surprised at the deadly stare she was giving me. 
She turned away from me and smiled at him " Nope." She replied. 
Leaving me there to pick up my open jaw in shock. All my hopes dying...

**A/N** I found wifi!! But I won't have wifi again until Thursday please be patient thanks love yaaaa 

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