Eye on You

He can be sweet. But don't let that fool you. He can be controlling, he can be abusive, he will make you fall for him.. Till you are trapped. You wanna leave but you cant. When Kayla gets caught up in the fantasy of Justin Bieber... Things turn dark. Bullied, school slut, mom trapped in prison, dead ex boyfriend... She ain't letting no one near her. Especially the eye candy Justin Bieber. But when she finds herself pregnant... She knows avoiding him will be impossible unless she disappears. But Justin's got an Eye on You and is determined to find her...


22. Forever?

I shut my eyes and tried to steady my breath. Knowing very well there was a loaded gun pressed against my skull. Justin's jaw kept twitching. 
" You let me take her home or she goes?" Markus asked. 
Justin put his arms up. " Take me! Just please leave her alone. Don't ever hurt her again." Justin pleaded. No he is not doing this. I won't let him. This is my fault in the first place. " Hmmm you know I could do that. Might solve the problem hey Kayla?" Markus smirked. 
No please no. Not Justin. Tears were built up in my eyes. 
" Markus let me go. Don't hurt Justin. I'll come back and live with you. I'll do whatever you want." I pleaded. I know that was risky but Justin deserves a good girl. One who will love him and keep him outta danger. We weren't really meant to be.  
" Kayla no! Shoot me just do it!" Justin begged. What the fuck is he doing?! Markus removed the gun from my head. Thinking for a minute before aiming it right at Justin. I was about to watch the one guy who I actually loved die. 
" You you! You caused this mess! You took her away! You fucktard! I've been miserable, alone!!! It's all your fucking fault!! My Dad he killed- he killed my mom! Do you understand?! Not all of us are perfect like you! You fucking asshole!" Markus screamed. 
He is going crazy. He's mentally freaking out. I was holding back the scream in my chest. He gonna do something. What the fuck do I do. It was like it was all slow motion as Markus wiped a long blade from his back and jabbed it into Justin, before shooting himself in the head. 
I dropped to my knees in front of Justin. He was losing blood fast. His eyes were closed. And his breathing was unsteady. I raced into the kitchen dialling 9-1-1. I ran back to Justin and grabbed a towel. Trying to held the gash in his gut. I held his face. My eyes had waterfalls. " Justin don't leave me. Please. Please baby." I whispered. 
I had no reply just a pale blank face. When the ambulance got here I got in with them going to the hospital. I held his hand. This wasn't happening. It was a dream. I was gonna wake up. I had to painfully watch as they rolled Justin's still body into the operation room leaving me... Forever? 

**A/N** Ooooooo aha I'll have another update? Hmmm I don't know when? Ahaha jokes!! I'll update soon! 

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