"Wanted" is a short play write/script about a girl name Kim who is a lonely poor and unattractive girl, but after getting invited to a party by Zack, she gets raped and murdered. Read on and see how she comes back and surprises the boys. Also, see which 1D member is fined with first-degree murder. Will the band still be One Direction or will they be torn apart by this murder they caused.


6. Zayn Malik?

Mr. LeBron: Niall Horan. *looks around* Is Niall not here today?

Zayn: *looks at kim*

Kim: *smiles at zayn*

Zayn: *looks at the empty desk of zack*

Niall: *walks into class* Sorry I’m late Mr. LeBron. *sits down*

Mr. LeBron: It’s ok, it’s a first. *fixes roll call* Guys, yesterday the cops found Jack dead in the woods. Do any of you guys know what happened to him? How he winded up dead.

Harry: I, I heard the cops say an animal must have attacked him.

Kim: See that’s why you don’t trust anyone or anything in the woods. People get eaten, people die, people get killed. *looks at zayn*

Mr. LeBron: Also, late last night, cops found another student and classmate Zack Houston dead in the woods as well. Do you guys know how he ended up dead just after they found Jack’s body?

Cop 3: *walks in*

Mr. LeBron: Can I help you two officers?

Cop 3: Is there a Zayn Malik in this class?

Zayn: *looks at boys*

Louis: *scared* No  Zayn.

Zayn: I'm gonna have to tell about Kim. *walks off*

Liam: Call me. *worried*

Harry: *looks at Louis scared/worried*

Cop 4: Zayn Malik?

Zayn: Yeah, that’s me.

Cop 3: Come down to the office with us please. *grabs zayns arm and walks off*

Cop 4: Do you know why you’re in here?

Zayn: Maybe, I don’t know.

Cop 4: *looks at cop 3*

Cop 3: We found a student by the name of Zack Houston dead in the woods late last night. Do you know him?

Zayn: Yeah, I, I know him.

Cop 4: Good because we examined him and your fingerprints were on him.

Zayn: *tries to be calm* Oh.

Cop 3: Did you kill this young man?

Zayn: *cries* I don’t know what happened. He killed a best friend of mine and then I got upset and beated him up.

Cop 4: Let’s look at the photo should we?

Zayn: What?

Cop 3: *lays out the photos* Take a look Zayn.

Zayn: *looks at the photo scared*

Cop 4: It looks like not only was he beaten, but smashed with a brick?

Zayn: It was a rock, I, I smashed his face with a rock.

Cop 3: Zayn Malik, you’re gonna have to go down to the station with us.

Zayn: *panics* What?

Cop 4: C’mon, get up.

Zayn: *stands up and turns around*

Cop 4: *put your arms behind your back*

Zayn: *puts his arms behind his back*

Cop 4: Zayn Malik you are under arrest for first-degree murder.

Zayn: *cries*

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